November 16, 2009

Bangkok Trip Jul 2009

It's the year end and everyone is going for overseas trip..... how I envy my work buddy who will be going for 2 weeks in Dec and I have to be around to cover his duties. Since I won't be going for any more trips this year, dd and I went for a short trip to Malacca a couple of works ago. We simply just eat and went for massage (our favourite indulgence :P ) and walk (to burn away the calories!).

Before I upload the photos, I thought I'd blog a little about our Bangkok trip few months back. :D There's no way I'd be able to post most of the photos so I'd just post mainly photos of the food we had. :)
This is our very first meal - Macdonald breakfast at the Budget Terminal.

Up up we soar....

We couldn't check into the hotel then, so we head straight for our first meal at Bangkok. Sharks fin soup at Platinum Fashion Mall food court. Sharks fin soup is very common in bangkok and you can almost find it in every restaurant and eating outlets.

I can't remember what was this, I think it was wanton soup noodle. Their soup base is quite different from ours, less saltish and more sourish, and I like that.

Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. Just a simple budget hotel, so can't expect too much.

Heading for spa!
Healthland Spa. It's highly recommended. Thumbs up!

Tonkatsu curry rice...

Mixed grill...
Tempura curry rice (sorry for the half-eaten shot, was too hungry that I just digged into my food!)
The curry rice especially the thick-cut tempura and pork cutlet were really superb! Probably we were too hungry. :P
Next day: Walking along Chinatown. I couldn't resist taking pictures of bakeries. :)

Steamed corn cob
This is like our local "chwee kueh" (the chai pok or radish)

The Rice kueh

We reach our destination!
Sharks fin soup...

Fried rice... with salted fish. It's so good that I had almost a big plateful even though I've not had a decent plate of fried rice for ages.

Steam crab...
Baked Scallop with pork and fried onions...
Bird nest soup....

Do I look like I'm doing commercial ? :PPistachio and chocolate ice-cream at MBK
Our dinner, mango sticky rice. We were so full that we could not take in any food.. :P

Next day: buffet breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel 76th storey. The food were nothing fascinating but the view was breathtaking.

We travelled on foot the whole day, taking their local buses, MTR (similar to our MRT) and sky strains before we reach their night bazaar.

Tom yam soup
Bee hoon soup. Their soup base is full of lime and lemongrass flavour, full of flavour even though it may not look appetizing.

I'm an expert in making sure no coconut flesh is spared! lol..

Open area with stage performances...
Guava and lychee juice, fresh with juicy squeezed pulps.
Aren't these cupcakes beautiful? :) We bought two to try out. I find their cream smooth and creamy and doesn't feel greasy in the mouth.

Grilled bananas.

Steam buns but we didn't had those.

dd's favourite! How can we miss them? :P

sweet corn keuhs
continue our journey..............

Another spa destination.

The spa here was well, ok, basically we felt nothing more then they rubbing lots of massage oil on our bodies! :P
dd thought these from the street when he thought they were fishball. They were actually some kind of sweet tapioca kueh and they were really nice!! I always love starchy food like sweet potatoes or yam and I really love this. Anyone know what is this and how to make it??
Of course there are much more but I'd just stop here :) Alright, we are ready to catch the flight! We'll be back soon!