November 9, 2011

Birthday Cake for Mummy

I came to realise how time passes so fast when one gets busy. It's not just fast, it's extraordinarily fast! Before I could fulfil the tasks that I set for myself, one week, two weeks and so on just passed without having it accomplished. argg... my wedding is coming in 2 months time and just yesterday, I wrote down the list of things I have to prepare. Gosh it seems little yet so much... at least it provides some direction of what to do next.

For the whole of last month, I didn't post a single blog entry as I was just so busy. I think that's the first time I miss posting in a single month. The good thing was, I wasn't busy the entire month working and slogging... I took a break. :D It was my first trip (not to mention genting highlands in Malaysia) for this year and was really looking forward to it! I was away for a 7 days trip to Taiwan, with my mum, my best friend and her mum, and my in-laws. It was meant to be me and my best friend bringing our mothers for a trip, and ended up my in-laws joined in as they had not gone for a trip this year and their children (including my hubby) probably was unable to fit in a schedule to bring them for a tour. So well... I felt I did a great thing for my hubby! :D

No bakes for the past month, as far as I can remember, except for an awesome steam chocolate cake which I had no choice to take a picture of. This cake (below) was a birthday cake made for my mum in Aug. I adapted from the Japanese strawberry shortcake that I made for Xian, and made it into a cherry version, my using canned cherries for the layers and topped with fresh cherries and white chocolate shavings.

I wasn't pleased with the presentation, though the cake tasted quite yummy!

Two months 5 days to my wedding! My house renovation has completed and we are doing the cleaning up and awaiting the arrival of the furnitures, etc. My kitchen Aid and oven has arrived and sitting in my new kitchen! I'll update when the house is clean. ;)