How it all begin....

Well... I should say this photo marks the beginning of our love. :P Guess most of you may not know, that my hubby-to-be (HTB) is my sister-in-law's brother, aka my elder brother's wife's younger brother. Got it? This photo was taken during their wedding dinner, but we didn't start off from there, cos' I was still attached then. But frankly i was quite attracted to him that day cos' of his "sudden physical change" because I think he looked rather good-looking that day. Hehe... He looked so much different from my impression of him earlier as a plump guy. *LOL* Even my mum was asking me who was this tanned guy doing at their wedding. There's a price to pay though, cos' later then I knew that my poor dd had lost 10kg due to pneunomia prior to that, and that was how he became more "good-looking". :P

That day was not the first time we met. We've in fact seen each other during our brother and sister's ROM, and probably had brushed past each other in the University (NUS) whom we are studying. Our impression of each other then was:

Weiguo's sis (my sis-in-law): Zhiqiang (my bro)'s sis (me) is a nice and pretty gal... Weiguo: really she so pretty meh...
Weiguo's sis (my sis-in-law): my brother, weiguo is doing quite badly in NUS.. almost need to quit...
Me: luckily got someone worse off than me... hehe

So, he was there for me even before he appear... ;)

After our brother's and sister's wedding, we started chatting on the msn but it was not frequent. I was still attached then, but that relationship was already shaky. My past relationship eventually ended because we were just not suitable for each other. So in case some of you may be guessing, it was definitely not due to Weiguo. :)

Our relationship slowly progressed thereafter. We met up, go out as friends. We didn't have feelings for each other then. Our first meeting was on 1 June 2008, my 1-year into the corporate world anniversary. I remembered we went to suntec city and I began searching for books on baking. To my "disappointment" that day, he doesn't look as suave as on the day of wedding. :P About 8 months later, we became a couple. We were still quite conscious when we were out then, as our families were not aware, except my mum. Felt so awkward and whether would our families have any objection considering our closed relationship. Of course we should not be bothered by what others say but still we hope to have the blessings of our families.

We worried too much in fact, because our parents, though traditional, were very open to our relationship! Over our two years + relationship, things were not all that smoothly-sailing of course. We do had ups and downs because our character are different but we were able to accept other each's flaws and put in effort into our relationship. Obstacles may still arise along the way since afterall, we are two individuals planning to build our future along the same path. Nevethreess we were ready to face them together and that's how marriage is all about. ;)

We have to constantly remind ourselves that marriage is a lifetime and this wedding preparation is only the beginning. There is still a long journey ahead, and so far it has not been easy to have to plan for our wedding, coming house renovation, etc. We'll have to plan and budget consciously, prioritise what is more important for us and yeah we are working towards that ;)