January 10, 2008

Lunch Bento - Tomato Fried Rice

I have been bringing lunch bentos to work often ever since I'm transferred to my current workplace. There ain't many eating places around and is kinda inconvenient. Luckily this suits me as I don't mind packing my lunch to work as it is much healthier and saves the trouble of deciding what to eat and melting myself in the hot sun while having to take buses / walking to the nearest coffee shop (unless it's in town where I can shop and walk around but unfortunately it's not :P).

Most of the time I only packed simple, easy-to-prepare lunch such as sandwiches, potato salads, pastas, etc. Today is the first time I did my own fried rice for my lunch after I saw this simple, yet looks appetizing tomato fried rice with scrambled egg by Happy Mrs Kwok. It was indeed simple; I fried the rice this morning without much preparation. I used the leftover white rice from yesterday's dinner.

All the condiments added were just nice, neither too oily nor dry; the taste was just right. I cooked extras for my mum and she was surprised that it was tasty! She thought I only know how to bake and bake and bake..LOL! She had not tasted fried rice with tomato sauce before either.

I followed Mrs Kwok's recipe, but I added some green peas and topped with some pork floss, fried onions and a dash of pepper. It's yummy! Hey, thanks Mrs Kwok for sharing!

Do refer to Mrs Kwok's blog if you are interested. Her's looked more delicious than mine, very bright and golden. :D


An Economist Baker said...

Hello! I chanced upon your blog and saw many really yummy treats. Mind if i link you up? :)

Aimei said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Sure why not..It's my pleasure :)

You have many yummy treats too! :)