May 12, 2008


It was Mother's Day yesterday and this was a simple sponge cake I made especially for my mum. I had wanted to make a mango layered sponge cake sandwich with mango slices. But I made the wrong choice of buying canned mangoes instead of fresh mangoes! :( I should not have thought of taking the easy way out. Canned peaches, longans, pineapples usually make great fruit toppings so I thought mangoes would do fine as well.

I was wrong. The canned mangoes don't taste like mangoes at all and they were too soaked up with the syrup that it had a sourish taste.It was already late at night to buy fresh mangoes. So, I seeked my mum's approval whether she's ok with making it plain and simple, by just sandwiching with blueberry jam, and dusting the top with confectioners sugar. In fact I knew the answer..LOL...cos' everytime, she would eat whatever I bake, that's how noble mums are (伟大的妈妈). :)

I used the sponge cake recipe from Happy Homebaker's basic sponge cake recipe. The cake baked beautifully, almost perfect with evenly browned surface. Mine however, was not that moist and seemed to be a little on the dry side after refrigeration even though I had brushed the layers with syrup. I guessed propably I had overbaked it. Well, something to take note of in future! Overall, the cake tasted quite delicious, my mum had it for breakfast in the morning the next day. :)

Well, I knew my mum would not be reading this but just wish to thank her for everything (beyond a few simple words that can be described here). It's not in my family's culture to express our love so openly but since she won't be seeing it, just wanna say I love you mum! *shy*

Cheers to all mums/bloggers out there, you all are such fantastic mums! :)

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A kiss for a Mother Day!