August 27, 2008

An uneventful day of baking, but I have my Aglio Olio

As I am writing this post now, I am still recovering from my "uneventful baking day" trauma. Good thing is, I still have this favourite pasta of mine to share. :)

Well, about my eventful baking, I just tried baking a pandan chiffon cake. It has been ages since my last pandan chiffon and this time (as I was linking this, just realised it's almost a year ago!), I decide to bake a bigger one using the 21-cm chiffon tin. I was actually not very confident as I have not baked a bigger size chiffon for a long time. I used the same recipe as the previous one, and true to wat I feared, the chiffon cake was a total flop. The top cracked badly; it seemed restrained to rise further up as it had reached it's maximum height. I wasn't sure whether to bake for 30 minutes or beyond (recipe stated 30-40 min); when I took it out at the 33st minute, it seemed uncooked, so I had to bake it longer again. Some parts of the chiffon still remained uncooked :( but was still edible, even though I really felt like dumping it away.

I must admit 6 eggs wasn't that easy to handle, especially the folding part. I was quite sure the egg whites had been beaten to the correct consistency, like my previous successful attempts. What went wrong?? Had I used the wrong tin size? Recipe stated for a 22-cm while mine was a 21-cm. I thought it doesn't make a difference. I really feel like attending a proper basic chiffon cake making lesson. This is the most basic skill that I think I need to master! Help! Any recommendations?? ;)

Another baking disaster today. I wanted to bake some sweet potatoes for my snacks. I had done this dish several times but today's sweet potatoes seemed to be unfresh. There were many dark spots. But I still peeled off the spots and bake it anyway. Dark, purple spots started appearing after baking. yucks! I have no idea too. It just wasn't my day today :(

Alright, back to this pasta dish, I whipped it last weekend. Aglio Olio is my favourite pasta dish, as compared to those creamy or tomato based sauce, with linguine. :)
Aglio Olio (serves two)


  • A handful of pasta of your choice (Sorry I didn't measure the weight)
  • Shishake mushrooms, washed and sliced.
  • Bacon bits (I used store-bought which comes in bottles. You could buy raw ones too).
  • 2 cloves of whole garlic plus 3 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
  • Some fresh basil, chopped (you could use other herbs of your choice too)
  • black pepper and salt to taste
  • About 3 tbsp of olive oil (or more)


  1. Cook pasta in a pot of salted boiling water for about 15 minutes (When water boils, throw in the pasta, reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes or until soft). When cooked, drain and leave it aside.
  2. Heat up a wok, fry 2 cloves whole garlic until fragant, toss in the bacon bits and fry till cooked. Add in the shishake mushrooms and continue to stir-fry until cooked.
  3. Add in the cooked pasta, followed by the chopped garlic and chopped basil, toss until all the pasta are evenly coated with oil. Add salt and black pepper to taste.
  4. Serve while hot (You may add in some dried chilli flakes if you have).

I just happened to chance upon this blog event - Presto Pasta Night which showcases all kinds of noodle dishes. Well, I decided to participate in it with my first pasta dish on my blog. :) This coming week's roundup will be hosted by Abby of Eat the Right Stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aimei,

Hope you're not discouraged by the latest pandan chiffon attempt. I think a 21cm inch is too small for a 6-egg chiffon. I use a 25cm one, and they turn out well each time. I love chiffons, and have failed numerous times before succeeding. Hope you'll continue to try!!


Rei said...

Hi Aimei

If you are using a 21cm pan, you should just use a 4 yolk 5 whites recipe. 6 eggs is too much. Also, depending on oven, the baking time differs. But the timing stated is not right, especially if it is for a 6 egg recipe. It should at least take an hour or slightly more. Don't be discouraged.

Aimei said...

Hi Anonymous and Rei,

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I was rather discouraged. I should have just not pour all the batter into the tin. It was already like 4/5 full. Yah Rei I guessed that's the reason it's not entirely cooked. But when it rised so high like almost bursting, I could'nt help but to take it out! hehe.

I will continue to try again. Thanks! :)

abby said...

fabulous pasta aimei - i'cve just had something similar for supper as i got home late.

welcome to the ppn gang!

daphne said...

Aimei-what a lovely pasta dish especially a hard day of baking! I'm still trying to russle up courage to bake chiffon cakes!

Ruth Daniels said...

Sorry about the chiffon cake. I've never even attempted one...memories of my mother's sponge cakes and all the running, no jumping, no yelling...crazy rules for little kids to have to follow and I'm still traumatized.

Your pasta on the other hand is perfect. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

bexxie said...

this pasta looks great! i'm definitely adding it to my list of things to make.

p.s. you've been tagged!

Aimei said...

Hey Abby, Daphne, Ruth,

I'm hoping to join you guys more often! :)

Hi Bexxie,
Finally you are posting! Hope to see you around more! Thanks for the tag :D