June 12, 2009

birthday cake for my ice-cream-lover

Sometimes when we leave a comment at someone's blog, we can have the option to see follow-up comments and this was what I did when I first left a comment in Happy Homebaker's post of an oreo ice-cream cake. Wow... I ended up receiving via my email many many follow-up comments from other bloggers about the ice-cream cake that sets me thinking"hmm... is ice-cream so special? maybe I should try an ice-cream some day."

So, when I thought of making an ice-cream cake for my dd, the first thing I did was to immediately hopped onto her blog! Ice-cream has always been my dd's favourite dessert. So he is always asking whether I want to eat ice-cream whenever we were out but I think he's the one craving for it! LOL! I chose this Tin Loaf Brownie ice-cream with nuts but it was not really that special. It was almost like oreo ice-cream.

I had thought making this no-bake cake would be much easier than baked cakes but definitely it is not. The cake remained soft even after several hours of chilling. It melted and formed a small puddle at the side thus I covered with "Vicenzi" Italian Ladyfingers to hold the heart-shape in shape. It was a good choice as I find this Italian biscuits goes well with not only Tiramisu but ice-cream as well. :)

After this try, my advise is if you need the cake on that particular day, it is best that you make it a day earlier, as it needs a good chill in the freezer before it is good for serving.

I wanted to make some chocolate decorations and pipe wordings so I had fun playing, piping setting and eating the chocolates! :P

The cake was really delicious, I believe no one can go wrong with an ice-cream cake right! The topping can be up to your preferences. :) I'll probably try some fruity flavoured ice-cream if I were to make it again.

I think this is the first time I'm encouraging dd to eat so much ice-cream. Hehe... ok we can rest for 2 months without eating ice-cream ;)


Small Small Baker said...

What a lovely cake! How nice it is to "bake" for your loved ones. Maybe you can try homemade ice cream next time. :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Aimei, yes you need to freeze the cake over night, a few hours is not enough. It must be fun piping and eating the chocolates! I do hope those comments you received are not bad ones ;)

Aimei said...

Hi SSB, Yes I saw alot of your homemade ice-cream. They are all very good ones especially the eggless one. :) Am planning to try it soon hopefully! ;)

HHB, Yup of course the comments had been useful. Without those, I would not have been brave to try an ice-cream cake. ;)

sherlyn said...

Nice looking and tasty cake. You are so clever to have use the sponge fingers to decorate the side. Perhaps they helped soaked up the melted ice cream too?

How did you make the melted chocolate decorations and pipings? Its seems quite a time consuming job.

Eva said...

Very nice cake to make!!!

Aimei said...

SHerlyn, I melted some dark and white chocolate, made a parchment cone and piped onto parchment paper and allow it to cool. For the heart shape, I poured melted chocolate into cookies cutter so that when it dries and harden, i get the shape. I'm not good at making choco deco actually but I just play arounf with it! :)

Thanks Eva!

sherlyn said...

Thanks for your explaination. Hope I will get a chance to try some day. :)

felicia said...

hello there! your ice cream cake looks awesome! shall try it out soon :P blog hopped here from oven haven btw :)

Aimei said...

Hi Felicia, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have fun making the ice-cream cake! :D

huiqi said...

hi aimei,

may i know when do we put in the sponge fingers? do we lay them at the side before we fill the tin with ice cream?


Aimei said...

Hi Huiqi,

I actually lay the sponge fingers halfway while chilling cos I realise the ice-cream was melting and it was ugly. If you decide to lay the fingers, I believe you can do it right at the beginning and chill it overnight. In this way, the cake will hold its shape well. :)

Anonymous said...

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