January 10, 2011

Updates on our Happy Future Planning

I just wished my hubby a Happy 3 months to our marriage today. :D
It has been three months since the day we solemnised and this is the first time I remember our 3rd month of marriage on the exact day. I always remembered it either a few days before the 10th or after that. Since I can't remember myself, I can't blame hubby too. But of course, come the next 10 Oct, we certainty won't forget. :)
Some people have been asking me how's marriage life but I told them I couldn't feel much difference because we are still living apart with our own parents, besides the calling of each other "laogong" and "laopo" occassionally. But I do feel a sense of a status change especially now that I know I'm no longer single, with that wedding band on my finger that I faithfully wear 24 hours a day (except when I'm baking / washing up) until it already gets scratches in just 3 months... *heart pain* LOL
For the past few months we've been busy planning for our new home renovation, sourcing for banquet locations and choosing of a date for our customary wedding. I'm so happy that we have finally fixed our customary in Jan 2012, and we have booked the banquet location at Orchard Hotel at the Wedding Fair last Saturday. It will be an 8-course Chinese sit-down lunch. Reviews from the Chinese Hua Ting Restaurant in Orchard Hotel has been good so far and hopefully they'd remain the standard and we love the ballrooms! :)
Yeah... finally one item settled and we are on our way to concentrate on our renovation planning, before the keys come in March.
Exactly one more year to go... though I can forsee it wouldn't feel that long cos' this year's gonna be a really busy year for both of us but we are enjoying every moment of it. I'm looking forward to building our nest and the bridal photoshots a few months later. :D :D Will try to update as much as I can. ;)


Jean said...

congratulations on your marriage. will look forward to your future bakes. :)

The Sweetylicious said...

that's so sweet (: (: may you have a happy marriage (: (: im sure there's a lot of preparation as what i'd seen from my bros and sis wedding.

daphne said...

awww.. that's great! Happy 3 months!!! Btw, I recently attended and emcee at my best friend's wedding at Orchard Hotel. I have to say that the banquet manager and the team is very professional and easy to work with. Love the ballroom as well-wide, pillarless and grand =) I am sure your wedding will go very very smoothly!

edith said...


Aimei said...

Thanks Jean, Edith and Sweetylicious!

Thanks Daphne! Oh I'm so glad to hear that! It was after i confirmed the booking that I heard about its good reviews. Thank you :D

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Sorry. I'm very late here ... So, it's gonna be your fourth anniversary in like a week or so. =) Congrats anyhow!

Keep us posted on your wedding planning!

Aimei said...

Hee... I think should be "monthly"-versary! LOL.. ..

No worries about being late or what, I very busy too to even blog hop as well :P