February 23, 2011

A nut cracking session

A nut cracking session?? Do we need a session on cracking nuts? Yes I did, for these real "extra large" mixed nuts.This large packet of nuts caught our (hubby and I) eyes when we were at NTUC Fairprice. It is a large packet, with a height as tall as 30cm, but all the nuts were huge, in their original shells. So, there weren't many actually. But unless you don't mind spending some time and effort to crack these nuts, then I won't recommend you to buy. :P

I love love nuts, all kinds of nuts, and with the fine print "guarantee fresh" i was won over. Don't they all look lovely in their original shells? :) Oh so natural! I shall now give you a lesson on the names of these nuts, if you have not seen the real thing in its shells. ;) Starting from the left, we have almonds, filbert (i googled and realised filberts are also referred to hazelnuts), brazil nut, pecan, walnut (in front of pecan), followed by almond and lastly walnut again.

After attempts to crack it with our hands, teeth and a pair of plier to no avail, hubby decided on a hammer. And... it works, almost instantaneously :)

There you go... freshly cracked atural almond.

This is pecan.

Brazil nut in its shell....

Brazil nut breaks open...


Walnuts.... I have read that eating walnuts is good for the brain... and interestingly i think it does resemble a brain...?

That was our nut cracking session.... a most indigenious way of eating nuts. I enjoyed the session, hammering while we peeled open the shell and eat it straight away.
A word of caution. Do remember to place a piece of mat or thick cloth on the floor beneath a stack of newspaper. The newspaper is for easy cleaning and the mat is to protect your floor. I'm sure you wouldn't want to damage your floor tiles. :)


The Sweetylicious said...

that's so cool and fun! (:

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

This is so cool, 1st time see so many type of nuts.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

nut cracking = therapeutic! oh yes! :D

Anonymous said...

which NTUC has it?

Aimei said...

I bought it at the ntuc near khartib mrt station.

Anonymous said...

I love these huge bags of assortment
and I love the task of cracking each shell....its sooo fun:)
stop by