April 2, 2011

No-bake Mango Cheesecake

This mango season sees the sprouting of many mango bakes in the blogsphere that I think readers are all spolit for choice on the variety that one could do with this tropical fruit.

Mango cheesecake was the first thing that came to my mind whenever I thought of baking with mangoes, for I've been eyeing this mango cheesecake recipe in one of the issue of Food & Travel Magazine. I bought a block of cream cheesecake some time back, planning to bake a birthday cake for my girlfriend but plans changed and it had been sitting in the fridge till now, waiting for me!

I set a day to bake a mango cheesecake. I told myself I had to do it before the cream cheese expire. With that, I bought everything, getting ready to make it when I got home. But but, I was too tired when I reach home that day. :( I almost wanted to give up making the cheesecake. In the end, I decided to make something simpler instead, and opted a non-bake cheesecake, which I think would be easier and less tedious.

Sometimes, I really have to salute to some bloggers out there who could make really beautiful birthday layered cakes or pastries with such patience and passion. Although I have been baking for quite a few years, baking cakes for my friends and family, I felt my standard has remained stagnant. I just wished I could have more time, more energy, more patience to be involved in my hobby. But I couldn't do that because of my work committments. But, I do see some coping well and could still bake, cook and take care of their children despite a full-time working lady. I really wonder what would happen if I were to have a child next time... :P My colleagues have been telling me that there's no way I could bake if I have kids, given our current workload.

So, well... I guess there has to be a give and take... if time is limited, you can't possibly do everything well and there's something you got to sacrifice... like how much time you are prepared to spend on your hobby, and how much committment you need to spend on your work, and how much sleep you want to and can sacrifice. It's all about time management and juggling well on your career, family, hobby... the worklife balance. Anyway, sorry for digressing so much and lamenting on all these. Thoughts just came pouring.... :P

Anyhow, I believe the work and effort that you put in will eventually reap its rewards. After receiving the promotion letter yesterday, at least I felt more comforted, that at least the time and effort I spent was worth it. ;)

Back to this no-bake cheesecake, it was not really a success. After letting it set in the fridge for about 8 hours through the entire night, the cheese custard was still rather soft and not firm enough. I believed it was due to the gelatin that was not fully dissolved when I melted it, hence forming some clumps which I discarded. I remembered I used to make a non-bake strawberry cheesecake many years back and the texture was like jelly!

mmm.... I really need to practice more on such frozen desserts like as mousse and non-bake cakes. I always seem not able to get it correct... arghh.

Although this mango cheesecake didnt set as well as it should be, the taste was great and it indeed melt in the mouth, as what Happy Homebaker advised. The sad thing was, about half of it was wasted because I tried to bring to the office for my colleagues to try but it ended up in a melted mash. :P

I'd initially wanted to submit this post to the Aspiring Baker #5: Fruity March, but on second thought, decided not to as I didn't manage to take a nice picture of it, and the unsuccessful attempt with it. But rest assured the recipe os trusted, cos' it's from Florence's Chilled Mango Cheesecake. ;)


Bakertan said...

hey aimei,

congrats on your promotion =]

did u bloom the gelatine by letting them sit in water for 5-10mins. It softens the gelatine and they will dissolve easily when double boiled.

The cake still looks good to me. What mangoes did you use?

daphne said...

I can totally understand the juggle of time/cooking..etc. Seriously I feel that I would really like to be more patient in developing baking/cooking skills too!

Nevertheless, congrats on your promo! and it is still a beautiful cheesecake! Means more next time to prac on right? ;)

Jean said...

i thought the mango cheesecake looks beautiful and creamy! i prefer creamy less gelatin-like chilled cheesecakes too...otherwise no difference from eating agaragar haha

Aimei said...

Hey thanks Zhuoyuan, Daphne and Jean!

Zhuoyan - I don't know what mangoes I had bought, didnt take note of it. I guess could be Thai honey mangoes from your description that you posted in your blog?

Daphne - thanks for your encouragement! :)

Jean - Actually I'm not used to such a non-bake cheesecake and so do my family! :P

Aimei said...

Hey thanks Zhuoyuan, Daphne and Jean!

Zhuoyan - I don't know what mangoes I had bought, didnt take note of it. I guess could be Thai honey mangoes from your description that you posted in your blog?

Daphne - thanks for your encouragement! :)

Jean - Actually I'm not used to such a non-bake cheesecake and so do my family! :P

Small Small Baker said...

Congrats Aimei, you are doing so well in your life, promotion and getting married.

I'm feeling the same as you. I also started baking quite long ago and have remained stagnant. Looking at all the new blogs, they bake better than me, blog better than me, take better photos than me and even younger than me, I'm really lagging behind. :p

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you. check this out

Aimei said...

Hey SSB, thanks! Actually you are doing very well ah in your baking. Your bakes are all very good and you initiated the aspiring bakers which is really innovative and a good platform for sharing! The responses was so overwhelming. :) if I have more time, I'll definitely try to participate and support you more. You have contributed to the food blogging sphere!

Aimei said...

Thanks Janice for the award! 

Happy Homebaker said...

Aimei, despite having been able to bake more frequently than you and SSB, I am not anywhere better than you. I think it is ok lah, we just learn slowly and do things at our own pace ;)

The Sweetylicious said...

the cake look so lovely and yummy! (:

Aimei said...

HHB, yeah I totally agree with you.. I guess it depends on our lifestyle too.. if It's a hobby for us, then we can just do it at our pace. :) I believe as a full time homemaker, it isn't easy for you to manage too.

Bakertan said...


I have an award for you =]


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

It still looks yummy! :)