November 5, 2007

Steamed 9-layer kueh and spinach stir-fry

I made this steamed 9-layer kueh the day after I made the pandan chiffon with the leftover coconut milk but had been too busy to post. I thought I had all the ingredients on hand, so it would be great to utilise the remaining packets of tapioca flour, glutinous rice flour which I had left from previous festive bakings.

Only as I was reading from the recipe and measuring out the ingredients, I realised that what was needed was rice flour and not glutinous rice flour! Actually I was not sure of the difference between the 2 types of flour. I even went to make a search to make sure they were different. Oh well, since the rest of the ingredients were out already and would have gone to a waste, I might as well tweaked the recipe a little bit to see if it works. So, I increased the amount of tapioca flour and replaced some rice flour with plain flour (which I saw was used in some kueh recipes).

There I began..steaming layer by layer...These were the only colours I have :) It was a very relaxing task, not much strength needed unlike beating or creaming or the heat from the oven.

Surprisingly I was able to get a quite decent-looking 9-layer kueh. :) :) Taste wise, I felt it could be sweeter, I would not reduce the sugar in future and would probably follow the amount as indicated in the recipe. Only downside was it was rather tough, and chewy...which was expected as I did not follow the recipe at all! My mum still liked it.. haha, she's too easy-going. Anyway I got the recipe from Florence's blog - Do what I like.

By the way, there's this kind of kueh sold in Bengawan Solo, a small piece of brown kueh (don't know what it is called) which I think was made from brown sugar and probably coconut? Does anyway have the recipe for that? My mum loves those and would be great if I can try that ;)

It was a lazy Sunday for me that week. Didn't go out after an outdoor activity the previous day. So I offered to help my mum cook some dishes, with a little supervision from her..haha..have not cooked for quite some time. Here's my piece of work : Spinach stir-fried with canned mushrooms. Was quite pleased with the results. :)

Hopefully I will have the chance (provided I'm not going out or lazy :P) to cook more in future.


esther said...

Hi Aimei

The kueh u mentioned that sold in Bengawan is it round round one with lots of grated coconut, brown in colour? Maybe is Kueh Kosui that u r looking for.
The recipe u can find it here:
Or other nonya kueh recipes


Aimei said...

Hi Esther, Thanks for the info! I think Bangawan's does not have the grated coconut. But think should be this one. Thanks so much! Will try it one day! The other recipes look good as well :)