April 20, 2008

Oh So Kawaii!

Recently, many people around are going to Japan for tour. Well...guess this is the time cos' the Sakuras are blooming at this time of the year! Oh..how i wish I 'm going too...hehe...Anyway, my brother just returned from Japan not long ago and I've requested that should he wanna get anything for me, look out for those cute bakewares! Thankfully he got those for me! Here's a glimpse of some of the things he brought back...
These are some of the cookie cutters, muffin liners and other bento stuffs that we often see in Daiso. In Japan, Daiso is also a very popular store and according to my brother, these items, after converted to Sing dollars cost only about S$1.60! That's incredibly affordable especially for the Japanese where their cost of living is so high.

Here's a lunch box he got for me from Japan. This is more costly...but it'ss worth the money (hehe...of course, I'm not the one paying :P). I used to bring bentos to work almost everyday, but nowadays, mch lesser after I changed my job as there's so many good food around. But guess I will be starting to bring my own lunch one or two times a week. :)

I like that this has many "compartments", for sushi, rice balls and small portions of food. :) Kawaii (meaning cute) right?? But hope the Winne the Pooh doesn't make me seem too childish. :P


Anonymous said...


U lucky girl! :D ohhhh~ i have the same star shape cookie cutter! ^^ one of my bestie got it for me. :P anyway, i love the lunch box~ so unlike the usual kind of lunch box we see here~ :) ya, very long never see yr bento lunch pics~ where are they? dun hide them~ :P


Emily said...

i love going Japan and looking at Winnie the Pooh items, esp bakewares. It's ok to be "childish", there's a kid in all of us ;)

daphne said...

Aimei-I like that bento box! It's so adorable.

ovenhaven said...

I totally agree; the bento box looks kawaii! I've been on a lunchbox lookout lately, coz I'm beginning to feel like I should be bringing lunch to work now and then. I wish I could find one of these here!

p/s: One can never be too old for such kawaii things :P

Mandy said...

your bro is so nice! Lucky girl.

Kay said...

Shopping in Japan makes me drool over the amazing stuff they got there.

Aimei said...

Amanda: Haha...as I said, it's been a long time I made my bento lunch...when I did, they are mostly simple sandwiches. :) I'm trying to make susi like what you did one of these days...will let u know when I made it. ;)

Emily and Ovenhaven: Yup! i agree we are never too old for such cute stuffs. :)

Daphne and Mandy: Yup they are cute! Thanks!

Kay: Yup, how I wish I'm the one going...haha...:)

Yan said...

wish i had the spare space to collect these adorable stuff too... but alas, space constrain.
so no cuties in my collection of baking utensils & stuff.... =(