April 28, 2008

Wonders of Yogurt

Ever since I started baking, yogurt became an essential pantry item which I'd often stock up not only for the purpose of eating but for baking as well. Yogurt creates wonderful moist texture in many cakes and quick breads which also substitutes well for other dairy products such as milk, buttermilk, sour cream. Little did I know it works wonder in bread as well. :D

The success of this yoghurt bread by Happy Homebaker, Sweet-tooth and KWF tempted me to HAVE to try out this recipe. Definitely no regrets as this bread has a fluffy, fine texture that remains soft after a few days. What's more, it encountered some 'mishap' yet I was surprised the end results was still so good.

LOL...this is what happened. AFter the final proofing, the bread had rose beautifully to about 4/5 of the pull-man tin. I thought of not covering it with a lid in order to get a loaf with the semi-circle top instead of a square loaf. After putting into the oven, I found the tin seemed too tall with the top too near the heating element. So, I thought I had better cover it as I was afraid the top would get burnt. So, I quickly took it out; with a slip of my hand, the entire tin bang onto the table top and in an instance, I saw the proofed dough started shrinking..! Without hesitation, I just quickly put it back into the oven. I almost cried...haha...cos I was so so sad that all my hours spent would be gone to waste.

To my delight, the bread still turned out fine, though it would have been much higher.

I used raspberry yogurt and the bread had that subtle sweet berries fragance. This recipe is indeed foolproof, definitely a to-keep recipe! But pls pls...don't ever be like me! :P


Yan said...

yupz can understand that frustration if the bakes din turn out well. same sentiments too. =p

but hye, it looks freshly good i must say.

kambatei ! (translate fm japanese to chn = jia you !)


daphne said...

i love yogurt in my bakes.. and the bread looks great.. haha. i usually use it in cakes only though.

Aimei said...

Thanks Yan! I will ganbatte!

Dahpne: I agree yogurt in cakes is wonderful! It's so versatile. :)

my food affair said...

Hi Aimei, thank you for visiting my site. I tried making your yogurt bread!! it was delicious! thanks! what a great blog you have..i will definitely be returning often. -kk

Aimei said...

Hi my food affair,

Thanks. :) Glad you have success with this recipe. Happy cooking!! :D