October 14, 2008

Baking for a Good Cause

Isn't it great when you are able to do something out of your interest, and at the same time make a little contribution to the needy? Killing two birds in one stone, yea? ;)

My company holds this 'Charity Breakfast Event' every year where we sell our breakfast to company staffs and the proceeds will go to the charity. Breakfast items can be anything, from homemade to pre-order stuffs. Of course homecook dishes can reap more profits, with lower capital involved.

When I saw this email circulating, I was so excited and immediately contacted the person in charge to find out more. This is a great opportunity for me to put my passion to a meaningful use. Baking for charity! :)

There were many excellent cooks (my colleagues) who made delicious hot, piping breakfast items such as yam cakes, curry, bee hoon , glutinous rice etc. I really applaud their time and effort cos' they had to wake up early in the morning to prepare all the food. For me, I was already drop dead tired after using my whole of the weekends to bake cookies and cakes.

To be frank, I was initially hesitant whether to participate in this event. This would be the first time I'm actually selling my bakes to the public. What if I couldn't manage to bake the required quantity as planned? What if people finds my cakes not tasty? What if I make too little/too much?? These were all the 'what ifs' hovering in my head. Thanks to dd for his encouragement, and the support from my close colleagues, I decided to go ahead with it. Afterall, if I don't try, I would never overcome the initial hurdle.

One of my dear colleague, who shares this same interest in baking, offered to help me with the baking. We spent the entire Saturday baking chocolate chunk and almond cookies. It was loads of fun, undergoing QC for the size per cookie, rolling the dough, packing into cookie bags and discovering the 'scheming tactics' in businesss. We are learning to be future entrepreneurs :P
This is a very rich, yummy indonesian walnut cake. Although the method is more tedious (Uses a combination of creaming method, followed by beatng of egg whites to stiff to be folded into the creamed mixture, this produces a rich, yet soft-textured cake).

The actual day on a Monday morning. I was too busy tending to my stall as well as patronising other stalls that I've forgotten to take pictures of other yummy goods! It was only a short 1 1/2 hour event. We were overwhelmed when our bakes were sold within about an hour! (Actually that's because we did not make alot, hehe!) It was my first time thus I couldn't gauge well the amount I should make. Anyway, I felt that the quantity was just nice, if not just a little more would be sufficient as the crowd started to disperse at around 10am where everybody have finished buying their breakfast.
I was glad I plucked up the courage to give it a try, as it boosted my confidence to bake for more people. More importantly, we managed to raise some money for charity. :) Oh I forgot to mention that if not for my supportive colleagues and some bosses, I guess the cookies and cakes would not be able to be sold within such a short time frame! :D


Yan said...

well done !!! this is baking for a good cause. kudos.


Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary! And great job on the bake sale! :) It's such a great idea for your company to have a charity breakfast event every year :)

Aimei said...

Thank you Yan!

Thank you Ovenhaven. Yeah I agree it's a good idea. Many will be willing to support since it is for charity. :)

Manfei Hu said...

Oatmeal cookies! I love Oatmeal cookies especially the ones from Subway!

Do you happen to have the recipe for soft cookies? I'm so yearning for a good soft cookie recipe but not able to find one yet :(

Mandy said...

what a great way to raise fun! I am glad you went ahead. Your baked goods look yummy! BTW, where did you get the cookies bags?

Aimei said...

Hi Manfei,

I have not made soft chewy oatmeal cookies yet. I'll let you know if I find a good one. :)

Yea thanks Mandy! I bought the cookie bags from Daiso, a Japanese Chain store where everything went for S$2!There are lots more designs, there's lotsa cute Jap stuffs for bentos, baking stuffs and lots more..I'm always spoilt for choice. Not sure whether over your place has this store or not. :)

car donation said...

This is such a unique idea to collect funds for the good cause. You use your talent to help people in need. Those cookies look delicious, I’m sure selling of them will be easy.