October 16, 2008

Compilation of Recent Bakes

Over the past one month, I've been trying out different recipes, taking photos, sorting out my photos...but simply no time to do much posting. So, I thought of just sharing some of the items I'd baked recently which I think are worth recommending. :) They were all taken from some of my favourite blogs.
This raisin loaf, as you can see, hasn't got many raisins cos' I had only a little left. The recipe was taken from my favourite blog, as usual, Happy Homebaker. I did not make any adjustment to the recipe, except that I used the bread machine only to knead the dough, the proofing, shaping and baking were all done out of the machine.

Although the ingredients are very basic, as it does not contain eggs, or milk, but only milk powder and water, the bread turned out surprisingly soft even for a few days. Ironically Happy Homebaker left a comment on my flickr asking me to teach her how to make this soft bread; and I replied her that hey this recipe's actually from you! :D

These cute doggie cookies were from Happy Homebaker as well. I made the first batch of Holicks flavour but found that there wasn't enough to go round for my nephews and nieces on children's day. So I made another batch using milo.
These cookies were crunchy on the outside, and the interior had a sandy texture that melts in your mouth. I prefer the Holicks version. :)

Lastly, these green tea melting moments were on my to-do list for quite some time. I immediately bookmarked after seeing Mandy's post. Although I did not really manage to capture through the photos how good it was, just try it and you will know (Provided you are a green tea lover). :)
I made this as a little gift for my friend, Xiuling's birthday. Hope she likes it. :)

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