November 30, 2008

Red Bean Buns

I have not been making sweet buns for quite some time and was happy that I made it last week! This red bean bun (Anpan) may not be unfamiliar to some of you because Small Small Baker, MH from My Home Kitchen and Happy Mrs Kwok had attempted it before. Recipe comes from the same book “孟老师的一百道面包”. Most of the recipes in the book are easy to follow and yield just suitable proportion for Home Bakers. :)

I didn't know that to achieve this shape is so simple just by making eight slits around a normal round shape bun!

For this recipe, the final proofing after making the slits is only 10 minutes. I was actually wondering if the bread could be fluffier if I had proofed it longer? If I make this again, I'll try proofing it for a longer time during the final proofing to see if the result differs. :)

Recipe can be found at My Home Kitchen and Happy Mrs Kwok.


Happy Homebaker said...

I wanted to make these buns when MH posted hers...but I have not been able to get red bean paste. Where did you get yours? Is it very sweet? or did you make it from scratch?

Aimei said...

Oh you can buy at Daiso, at the grocery section. Personally I find that all red bean paste will be kinda sweet. The one at Daiso is not bad, at least it comes in smaller packet (unlike phoon huat) and I like that it has chunks of red beans in it, not entirely paste only. :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Thanks Aimei, I have tried those from Daiso...both in packet and can form. I find them too sweet for my liking. I recently tried another brand...Morinaga, which I got from ntuc. If you get those from Daiso, do get the one that are made in Japan (the canned ones).

daphne said...

ooo.. I used to dislike red bean when I was a kid but now I love it! Esp in bread stuffed with lots of it (or in the red bean pancakes!)