February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year@Malacca

Yeah, as I mentioned, I went for a short trip to Malacca and Genting with my family. Frankly, I'm not the type who likes to go for holidays during CNY, because I like the festive mood over here. :) What's more, I have no reason to 避年 (avoid the CNY festive occasion) since I'm not entitled to giving Ang Baos yet! Haha... :P

I can't remember whether this is the first time I went to Malacca cos' the last time I went to Malaysia was years ago. I just remembered that cos' we went on guided tour packages, we were always up and down coaches which was really tiring. Now that I've experienced free & easy tours over the years, I'd prefer F&E if possible. The view taken from my room and the beautiful sunrise in the morning. :)If you had been to Malacca before, you would have know Jonker Street - A narrow straight street selling lots of unique ornaments, souvenirs, antiques, clothing, accessories and toys of the 1960s. It's somewhat similar to our Chinatown. Of course, there are also many restaurants selling the famous local delicacies such as chicken rice, chendol, etc. We had a sumptous nonya meal. Haha, although I know "Little Nonya" (our local drama serial) is a great hit recently, I didn't go to Malacca because of the show. Of course having heard so much about nonya dishes and the fact that we had stepped onto Malacca ground, tasting the authentic nonya dishes was a must. We had it in the hotel restaurant which we stayed. Authentic kitchenware .....

Chicken with a kind of olives. We were given a long fork to dig out the insides of the olives but it had a weird taste though. :P

Chap Chye (mixed vegetables)
Fried fish with sambal chilli. This was among the best! The fish was fried to perfection and the chilli was sooooo good.

Salted vegetable with duck meat soup

Nonya Popiah and Otah

This was a chicken dish but I can't remember what was it.

Chendol. I felt so guilty after having the whole bowl to myself! :P
Most of the names of those dishes were foreign to me cos' they originated from the malays and chinese, so it's not easy to tell what were the dishes just from reading its name. :)
I didn't managed to do enough shopping before we headed off to genting. Frankly, there wasn't much to see in genting except for the theme parks and casinos. The last time I went I still couldn't enter the casinos, but this time round some of them still wanted to check my identification!
Well, well....CNY is over, will be back to baking less cookies for now. But still one more project....valentine's day cake! Hee.... don't think my dd will know since he seldom reads my blog... >_<


Small Small Baker said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time relaxing and eating. The food looks nice! :)

Chef C said...

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Emily said...

Wow, looking at that bowl of chendol makes me drool. This is a must-have dessert for me whenever I go Malacca. Yummy :P

Aimei said...

Hi SSB and Emily, yeah I agree the food were nice! I'd definitely want to go again for a short weekend getaway. :)

Thanks for the offer Chef C. don't need it. :)

Manglish said...


The cendol looks nice!!!

XDDD I wanted to head down to Melaka at the 3rd day of new year. Is it packed with people in chinatown the last time you went?

Aimei said...

Hi Manglish,

Yep it's packed with people. In fact my family may be going again this cny... :D