March 14, 2009

Turkish Pitta Bread

For my birthday this year, I acquired four new cookbooks. One was by my sister-in-law, one by my best friend, and the other two was bought by myself with a $5 MPH voucher that was due to expire. I bought a "Japanese Home Cooking" cookbook by 樱井景子 and a "Healthy Kids Snacks & Lunches" under the Periplus Mini Cookbooks" series. Heh, it's not meant for kids ok cos' I find the recipes good and healthy for my occasional light lunches and it could be useful for me in future for my kids! :P

My sister-in-law gave me this "Complete Baking: With Over 400 Recipes for Pies, Tarts, Buns, Etc." by Martha Day while my best friend this "70 Classic Chocolate Recipes", editor, Christine France. Yeah, having four new books at one go and I'm certainly having fun reading and sourcing for new recipes to try. :D This Turkish Pitta Bread is one of the recipe in Martha Day's book. It was one of the easiest bread recipe I could find to bake on a Sunday morning. It satisfied my "baking crave" with only a couple of hours I had before going out. I had learnt never to rush through a baking session if I don't have enough time as the results usually won't be satisfying. Patience is really important in baking, which I admit this is something I am lacking of. :P

Just in case you do not know what is a pitta bread, it is a soft flat bread that forms a pocket, which is perfect for filling with grilled meat or vegetables. I had, on a few occasions, saw this packet of pitta breads at Market Place and Cold Storage and wanted to buy it to make a pitta sandwich but didn't in the end. So I thought it would be great for me to make my own homemade pitta bread!

On the day it was baked, the bread was very soft and fluffy. However, it hardened rather quickly the next day. Although the flatbread puffed up, the bread's interior was not really hollow. I was wondering if the interior is supposed to form a hollow shell, or you just need to roll it till very thin in order for you to stuff in the fillings? Has anyone ever made a pitta bread before and care to to lend me your advice? :P I think I did not roll it thin enough though.

Still it was great making my own pitta sandwich with egg omelette. :D As it don't keep well till the next day, I shall not post the recipe until I have found a better recipe. Just let me know if you would like to try and I'll post/email to you. ;)

P/s: Just stumbled onto Farmgirl Fare's blog and she made pitta bread before too! Can have a look at hers. ;)


Columbus Foodie said...

There's a difference between Pita bread and Turkish Pide (which is what you made). Pita bread is thin walled, hollowed on the inside because of the air that is held in when it bakes (it will puff during baking).

Pide is a soft (and slightly crusty) flatbread, totally different.

Here's the type you're looking for:

Aimei said...

Thanks Columbus foodie for the info! I really didn't know there's a difference. :)

Missy said...

yes Pide is like a pizza but smaller version of the Turkish. saw dat once in a restaurant... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AiMei,

Can I have the receipes ... Thanks :)


Aimei said...

Hi Anonymous,

Oh sorry i think i overlooked your comment. I'll post it soon. :)