March 9, 2009


It was our one year anniversary and dd and I went for a 2D1N relaxing spa trip to Batam last week. We booked this Harris Resort which was inclusive of a 3 hours spa, 1 overnight stay, breakfast and a free pizza from their cafe. It was our second time there and we were actually deciding whether to go for other resorts in Batam/Bintan; finally, we still went back to Harris because of its affordability and excellent services by the staffs. Of course, don't expect top-rated facilities and environment as it is only a 3-star rated resort. ;)

What I like about the resort is their spacious room and super king size bed! Very comfy. :D The first time when we were there, which was about 6 months ago, we were able to upgrade our room to a bigger room on the ground floor (Cabana Room) for free as it was a weekday. This time, we preferred to stay in their standard rooms as there were some construction going on near the Cabana Rooms.

On the first day, we took an early ferry from the ferry terminal at Harbourfront and reached there at about 10am (Batam Time). The resort provided free shuttle services to their town area where we did some shopping. Frankly their shopping mall as you can guessed wasn't that appealing to us in terms of fashion apparels and variety. There were still some nice, affordable t-shirts and accessories worth buying, though.
We had our lunch at A&W, something already non-existent in Singapore! Their root beer float was awesome! I remembered having it at Ang Mo Kio when I was young! I had their waffles with ice-cream during our first trip but not this time cos' wanna save my stomach for other food :D

Back to the hotel, we rest and relax before going for our 3 hour spa and massage. This was what we had been waiting for. The indonesian massage was relaxing and soothing; I did not feel any pain unlike my usual shoulder massage at the facials. Instead the strength was just right and they literally "unlock" our tired muscles. We were massaged from head to toe (except the face) and truly rejuvenating.
Our next morning breakfast spread. :) The quality of food was not too bad but the spread could have ben better. They did'nt serve my favourite cereals with milk. >_<
"Pronto" pizza from their cafe. Their crust was thin and crispy. Thumbs up!

Vicinity outside the spa area. The individual huts were where we had our spa.

There was this internet kiosk supposedly for guest who will be staying there for long. Haha but I managed to use it without anyone inteferring. I tried to login to the internet but to no avail until dd can assess to my blog for me ~ My Baking Cottage! :P
On our last day, we went to another shopping mall where we had a foot massage for an hour and movies before heading back home. After this trip, I began to love massage... hehe... :P


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hehehe... so qiao! I just came back from KL for a short getaway too!
The weather was horrible but luckily the hotel made up for it ;)

Your batam trip is making me itch to go! I want to go leh but don't know if got time :(

Crystal said...

hello (:
i stumbled upon this cos i was googling for reviews. thinking of going to this harris place for the same package you had but, may i ask how and where can i get ferry tickets? do i have to book it online on can i just buy it at the terminal?

Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, yeah me too hope to go more frequently for these short getaways but me too very very busy lately.. sign...

Hi Crystal,

I book the ferry thru' the tour agency, thru' Planet Holidays. They have quite a few packages. Mine was the sensational spa for $130 per pax including 3 hours spa+1N accommodation. I do not know how to book ferry and hotel separately. There are a few ferries, mine was BatamFast. You can check out more about Batam at this forum for more info. Hope this helps. :)