December 5, 2009

Malacca Trip Nov 2009

My Malacca Trip photos! :)

It was a relaxing 3D2N trip in this small town in Malaysia. Two days in Malacca would have been sufficient but we choose to simply relax, sleep and wake up late and leisurely shop, walk and eat! Yes, eating is the main activity of this trip. How much can you shop and sight-see in this little town... so of course we can't possibly miss the good local Nonya cuisines and good'o traditional dishes like laksa, pastrys, chicken rice balls.... After indulging, we then comfort ourselves by travelling by foot, having the illusion that we will walk off the calories. hehe... ... :P First thing in the morning before boarding the coach. Already start eating Wanton Mee....
Checked into
Equatorial Hotel.... We wanted to book Holiday Inn but it was fully booked due to some functions (according to them). Do try Holiday Inn if you go there. Reviews were so much better from those who had stayed there. Had our lunch at this Nonya Restaurant - Nancy Kitchen at Jonker Street selling traditional nonya cuisine. I hardly come across nonya cuisine so I can't make any comparison but I would say they are delicious especially their kuihs. Their kuihs are really fragrant and not too sweet. Otahs...

Fried Rice... I simply love this!
This is a pork dish with tofu. Can't remember what it is called.

Curry Chicken
Preserved salted vegetables with duck soup.

Quiet alley in the afternoon of Jonker StreetDessert - Chendol. They used gula medaka, very much different from our local coconut-laden version. Very refreshing for their climate. Found this in the Chendol stall. I believe it's to motivate the workers to work hard! Singapore Flyer? Nope, it's the "Eye on Malaysia". A ferris wheel at the mouth of the MelekaRiver. I think they are still trying to open up the area to spruce up the tourism sector but much more needs to be done.

The quiet Jonker Street turned into a bustling night market on weekend night.
Yummy dumplings!Nonya laksaEnded our day with a massage near our hotel. Great rubbing away the tight muscles but they tried too hard so I was "bruised" for 2 days. lol. Still prefer Indonesian massage.
Day 2

Had our breakfast in the hotel before heading for shopping. A&W lunch..
Nadeje Mille Crepe at Nadeje Patisserie Cafe. I went searching for it after reading some reviews about it in Malacca. Just go googling and you'll find lots of review of this. Personally I love it! Layers of crepe and cream. This is the original flavour.

St Paul's Church.

We went to Jonker Street again for their street food.

This is similar to our Singapore Chwee Keuh but the sweet version.

Dinner at this Newton Food Centre. Bak Kut Teh.

After back to hotel for rest, we walked to this jetty near Holiday Inn and relax at a pub and watched soccer match.
Day 3
Had this famous chicken rice ball. This traditional stall serves only chicken rice and nothing else. No other side dishes yet their business is so good that they close by 3pm. Personally we felt it was ok only but probably people want to try their most traditional rice ball and chicken.
It's just opposite the San Shu Gong, the biggest outlet selling local produce and snacks.
Don;t they look like fishballs?

We went back to Nancy Kitchen (where we had our Nonya lunch on the first day) to buy some of its kuihs.

Very good! It's a must try if you visit Nancy Kitchen.
Went for a final foot massage after all the walking and we were on the coach back home!
Our next trip is Phuket in April flying by budget airline! We've found a really good deal but of course we have to plan early. Can't wait for April to come! Woo hoo.....
Meanwhile, I have some new bakes, hope to post them soon! :)


Dodol & Mochi said...

Oh hey!! Glad to know you love visiting Malacca! It's my second home next to KL!

About the chwee-kuih like puud zai goh ... It's actually a Cantonese dessert/snack originally from Taishan, Guangdong ... Very popular in HK and its surrounding area ... Perhaps you can try replicate it? Here's a good recipe shared by a HK blogger:

Looking forward to your bakes!! Keep it up!


Art of Eating said...

Good reference for me, thanks for the sharing. It's very helpful as i'll be heading there over the weekend.

Quinn said...

You've gone back to my long gone hometown in Jonker Street. Now I'm reminiscing old sweet times, where our chor chor make us wash our feet before we go to bed to prevent bad dreams and how she elegantly always have a heavy silver belt buckled on her waist. She's so neat and tidy, not a single strand of loose hair poking out of her head and ever so gentle and polite. She's long gone too...

Aimei said...

Oh Quinn, so you are a peranakan?