December 31, 2009

X'mas bakes & Happy 2010!!!

Like many bloggers out there, I've had a long list of X'mas bakings planned long ahead to do this year. See my calendar and you'll know... it's not only outings in my schedule but baking "appointments" I've scheduled. :) Unfortunately most did not materialise, for you can't have the best of both worlds. For me, it's either I stay at home most of the weekend to feel the christmasy mood and enjoy the baking therapy, or immerse in the X'mas mood with gal's all-time favourite shopping therapy and meeting up my buddies and pals. So I choose the latter, cos' it's only the once in a year when most of us can try to take time out to meet up with one another.

I still managed to bake something new this year, though I didn't fulfill the entire list.
These are cranberry shortbreads. The dough gets soft very fast so for some of them, I had to make snowball type cookies.

I attended a cookie workshop at Sugar Inc some time back and learnt the techniques of making royal icing using meringue powder. I did tried this on my own before but after attending this workshop, I'm able to do it much better. :) So I gotto try it out on my x'mas cookies this year. My friends were delighted when they saw these cute decorated cookies!
Another new item i baked this year was christmas stollen. Used the recipe from my trusted 孟老师的100道面包. You can find the recipe in Elyn's blog as well. :)

Brandy mixed with orange juice-soaked dried fruits. I used mainly cranberries, raisins and currants.

I love to eat these toasted almonds on its own!

Made two loaves dusted with icing sugar

I find these bread rather oily because quite a high amount of butter is used. They were a tad too moist as well. I later realised I need to pat-dry the soaked berries well, which I didn't. :P Overall, it's a very delicious bread with the generous helping of berries.
Wanna wish everyone a HAPPY 2010!! May all have a good year ahead! :D


Design Inn said...

what kind/brand of oven are you using to bake these wonderful cakes?

Dodol & Mochi said...

Nice-looking stollen! I have the book, too ... But, I opted for the one in the Tangzhong book ... Yea, I had the same sticky, overly moist dough problem as well!

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2010!!


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Aimei, your xmas cookies are so cute! I love those stocks!
Here's wishing you a fruitful year ahead, happy 2010!

ICook4Fun said...

Wishing you a Happy and Wonderful New Year!!

tracieMoo said...

I just baked a stollen today and I had the same problem. I didn't know we were suppose to pat the soaked fruits dry! owh man, nowonder it's so stickyy..
Wish you a Happy New Year too!