March 26, 2010

Back to Homemade Bread

I'm craving to bake a loaf of bread.. soft homemade bread with no preservative, not the wholemeal version or soft buns but just simply a loaf of white bread. I craved the aroma of freshly baked loaf out from the oven. With that, I set down to bread making on a Sunday morning. I don't know why, that day I suddenly craved for white bread for next morning's breakfast. Even though I try to be as health conscious as possible and am trying to lose some weight by eating less rice and carbo now, staples like white rice and white bread is still a must for me and if i have not had rice for a few days, I would feel really awkward.
I did not have milk or milk powder on that day and from my experience, most bread recipes would have milk in its ingredients list, otherwise, the softness usually do not last for more than a day.
I fall back on this chocolate chip buns recipe . This produces bread which remained soft for at least 2 days and does not has milk. Probably the eggs in tis case adds richness to it. But be prepared to handle a rather sticky dough.
I merely omitted the cocoa powder and chocolate chips, and baked them in a loaf tin instead of shaping them into individual buns.
I realised how important It is to keep some good to-keep recipes for the same baked item (e.g. basic white bread, basic muffin or cakes) because you may just have one ingredient and not the other. That's when we can make good with whatever we have and still have your favourite baked goods without having to buy that ingredient solely for that purpose. :)

My slicing was outrageous so I dare not show you the sliced presentation. :P It was a successful attempt after a long break from bread making. I'm a happy gal that day. :)


Happy Homebaker said...

I like how TALL your loaf bread turned out :) Like you, I like to follow recipes that use only basic ingredients that is always readily available in my pantry and fridge :)
You have inspired me to bake a loaf of bread soon!

Aimei said...

Yes Happy Homebaker, this is a really tall loaf. I meant to bake a square loaf but when i saw how tall the dough rose during the final stage of proofing, I couldn't bear to put the lid on, so i baked it without the lid and up it rose! :) But do remember to tent the top. :)

Missy said...

I think yr bread looks perfect here! I'm so envious.. :)

ganache-ganache said...

Beautiful loaf !