April 12, 2010

Banana Muffin - Mark this recipe!

I have some very ripe bananas and..... I'm sure this has been repeated by many and I don't have to repeat myself. ;) Over-ripe bananas are definitely every baking-enthusiast's best friend. So here you are, banana muffins. This banana muffin is so good that i think I've really found a treasure. Most banana muffins never come out of the oven a failure but this recipe is just simply perfect, texture, taste, shape and appearance and level of difficulty. That's why my purpose here is to share and make a note in case I forget. Thanks Little Teochew for sharing this!
Do hop over to The Little Teochew for the recipe!
I'll end this post here because i'm so so busy nowadays! On a positive note, isn't that good because judging from my workload, I'll remain employed for at least for the next 2 years!?! :D My colleague must be amazed that I said this... haa but i think positive thinking is what we should do, and I learnt that facing difficult times and cases actually make you learn more. ;)


Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Aimei, I'm so glad you liked these muffins. They are beautiful! And perfectly golden. Stay busy and happy. :)

quizzine said...

I've not baked banana muffin for such a long time and I'm craving for it after seeing yours ;-p
Totally agree with u that we have to be positive to keep our sanity at work! Jia you!

YummyFoodBook said...

The muffins look yummy delicious and easy to make too. Will try to bake too!

Cheer up on your job and its weekend soon!

Anonymous said...


Referring to the almond cookies,
I would like to ask under Florence's recipe it ask for 4tbsp melted butter. - how do you measure ?

To confirm, did you add addtional almond powder ?


Aimei said...

Ju, I'm so worried when I thought you will quit blogging (your earlier post). Keep going ok!

Thanks quizzine and YummyFoodBook!

I melted the butter and measured 4tbsp with it. Nope this year, i didnt add almond powder. It's still as good!