April 24, 2010

Honey Cornflakes

I took an entire week of my vacation leave for my Phuket trip. Following my return back, I simply rest and relax at home, rotting, surfing the internet and of cos' baking. Life's ought to be like this. You can't be working like a machine 365 days. You'll hate your job even more (unless your work is your passion but hardly do we fulfill that, do we?). After a break, recharged, and set the engine to work hard again! Hopefully I'll be able to recharge back to full power at the soonest. ;)

One entire day was spent baking a birthday cake for my best girl friend for a belated birthday celebration for her. It was one of the worst birthday cake I've made but we had fun laughing and eating it :P (More to be shared!)

On another day, I wanted to bake something yet not too tedious. I chosed this simplest of all - honey cornflake cups. I bought a packet of cornflakes during Chinese New Year to make chocolate cornflakes and kept the leftovers as breakfast cereals but I hardly consume it as I've shifted my preference for wheat cereals instead. So I thought making this is the best way to utilise it. ;)

I didn't managed to coat all with the honey-sugar syrup so it deosn't stick well but I think that's fine. It would not be overly sweet then and you can just pick at any loose cereal flakes from the mini muffin cup case. I randomly googled for this recipe and found one that suits me! It's here. Thanks Jussaemon for this easy and good recipe. :D


sherlyn said...


I did this too, after I read your post. However, since you said yours did not stick too well, I added like half a tbsp more of honey.

Mine stick very well, so well that it also stick to the paper cases! You see, I baked the flakes for ard 12 minutes and I still do not find them golden brown, so I bake somemore, till I see the liquid bubbling in the cups. I stopped the oven and after cooling I do not see the bubbling liquid anymore.

What I found at the bottom of most of the cornflakes "ball" are yellowish sticky substance. I know is the honey cum butter cum sugar mixture. But did yours have such "remains" in the cases?

Do you have any idea if it is caused by over baking, or is it because I put too much of the sweet mixture (cos I still purposely scoop those at the bottom of the pan into the cases).

May I also find out, since the sweet mixture is already boiled or cooked, then why shd we bake again?

Appreciate your help.


Aimei said...

Yah I think the mixture is because of the honey-butter mixture, especially since you still purposely scoop the extras into the cases right! :) Not sure if that's normal ut i saw some recipes which uses a higher proportion of homey to butter cos the mixture might be less liquid and more sticky.

Some recipes actually don't require baking since but i think for this is to make it stick more and to give it a more crisp texture. Should be ok if you don't bake, but probably need more honey to make it stick together. :)

sherlyn said...

Thanks, my kids love this .. so I think can try make again .. esp for kiddo's party. hehe.

belbel said...

Do you sell it ? Honey CornFlakes?

Aimei said...

Hi belbel, nope i don't sell it. :)