July 12, 2010

soya bean chiffon cake

Seems that I've been MIA from the baking world? Nope I'm not! Even though my work has been getting real hectic these days, having to work (overtime)on weekday nights, I still have to bake something even if it doesn't require any mixing such as these granola. It's a great recipe and a way to make me eat my oats. I can just munch on the baked cripsy oat flakes as snacks anytime. ;)Back to this soya bean chiffon cake, it's another recipe from "Okashi Treats" by keiko ishida. I can't help but have to rave again how much I love this book. Her recipe usually involves some additional steps which I do believe is certainly worth it.

This soya bean chiffon uses kinako (soya bean powder). Surprisingly it tatses like ground peanut instead of soya and i simply love the smell and taste! Kinako flour is not so readily available in our usual groceries and I managed to find it at Meidi-ya at Liang Court.

The cake didn't rose as high as i expected but the texture was good. I dare not say it was perfect for a chiffon cake because it was slightly denser than your usual chiffons (not as airy) but it was soft and light nevertheless. I remembered xian leaving a comment in the soya milk chiffon post how she would love to try it. Her words gave me the inspiration that I gotto bake it for her. ;)

I chose to bake it on the day I met my dearie gals so i could pack some for them. Unfortunately dd forgot ALL about the slice I packed for him and he left it in his bag for days till it turned bad! Its your loss then. :P *LOL*

soya bean chiffon cake


50g pastry flour
5 egg yolks
20g brown sugar
60g water
60g canola oil
50g kinako (soya bean powder)

5 egg whites (about 180g)
90g castor sugar
10g corn flour or rice flour


Preheat oven to 160°C. Sift flour once.
Combine egg yolks and brown sugar in a bowl and mix well. Add water and canola oil and blend together. Add flour and mix until batter becomes sticky, then fold in soya bean powder.
Make meringue. Combine sugar and rice flour/corn flour. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add half of sugar and flour mixture and continue beating for a few minutes, then add remaining sugar and flour mixture and beat until egg whites are glossy, with stiff peaks.
Add one-third of meringue into egg yolk mixture and fold in lightly, then add in remaining meringue and fold to incorporate completely.
Pour batter into ungreased chiffon cake tube pan. Bake for 40-50 minutes. When cake is done, remove from oven and turn it over, leaving it to cool.

*i omitted the bean bean cream*


Anonymous said...


Care to advise what is pastry flour pls? 10Q.


Veronica @ Minty’sKitchen said...

Your chiffon cake looks so soft and light. Beautiful!