June 28, 2010

Phuket Trip (last day)

For our last day at Phuket, we signed up another half-day package to coral island.

While driving to the jetty, our bus passed by Kata beach and Karon beach. Unlike Patong beach, Kata and Karon beach are more quiet and laid back. They are definitely less vibrant than Patong beach but if you want a more relaxed holiday, i believe its a nice beach to stay as well. The beaches are more beautiful as it was not so commercially packed with rented beach chairs.

We arrived at Coral beach. It is just another island, nothing much to do and see but the water is clear. Good for a relaxed afternoon swimming, snorkelling and sun-bathing. We were so excited cos' our package includes a para sailing but that day's weather was too windy thus they had to cancel it. :(

We had nothing much to do except snorkelling, munching on tibits and dd taking a 'beach portfolio' of mine. They were not too good to be shown here (cos' of his poor photography skills and not me!) :P
Hehe... The sand was fine and beautiful, perfect for engraving. :P

We saw this really cute boy who was stark-naked. We couldn't resist taking a photo of him and with him, with his parents' consent, of course, whom i believe will be more than happy since they have such a cute boy. ;)

Better to have the photos sensored. Opps! :P

Our dinner back at Patong beach. :D


Hearty Bakes said...

Hi AiMei, thanks for dropping by my blog and left your sweet comment :)
Looks like you had a wonderful time in Phuket. Thanks for sharing!

MeL said...

Hi Ai mei,

I juz happen to read your blog whe i surfed about Phuket trip..

May in know.. how much you spent in total you were there?

Aimei said...

Hi Mel

Sorry for this overdue reply I can't remember exactly. Think my bf and I spend a total of $1000.