September 11, 2010

One month Countdown

In exactly one months time, dd and I will be saying our vows in the presence of the Justice of Peace and our parents as the witnesses and be declared husband and wife lawfully. :) When we met our solemnizer last week as he briefed us about what is going to happen on that day and as he mentioned the word 'husband and wife', I still can't believe this is true. These two words may sound so significant but I guess to us as a Chinese who still have to follow the Chinese traditions of going through customary rituals such as choosing an auspicious date and paying respect to our ancestor, we would feel that we are married only when we have gone through the Chinese customary wedding. I wonder whether I should introduce him as my hubby or.... I seriously don't know cos' it feels weird! Haha... I think same goes for him.. well we shall see ;)

Not sure if anyone of you had came across the above advertisement about this "I do" Wedding at Sentosa on 10.10.2010. This is an event collaborated by People's Association, Singapore Press Holdings and Sentosa whereby they organised a mass wedding solemnisation for couples on the 10 Oct 2010. Last year, they raganised a similar mass wedding event at Singapore Botanic Gardens on the 29 Sep 2009 (20092009) - "I do" garden wedding at Botanic Garden.
Yeah, we are one of the participants this year, with about 100 other couples at Sentosa! Some of you may be thinking what actually made us want to sign up for this event, to be getting married with other couples, all around Sentosa. Well for us, we felt it was special, because 10.10.10 is a perfect, memorable date for us.

It was one of our initial plans to get married on a special date like this, or we have also considered 20 Oct 2010 (20102010), but we kind of just pushed that plan aside cos' we thought it's a little to soon for us *lol* but when this advertisement came out, dd immediately called me and we discussed about it, and decided to sign up for it. I had always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, such as a garden or beach wedding, however dd and I decided to do away with this plan as we were worried about the unforseen weather conditions in Singapore. Now, I'm so happy that I'm able to fulfil my outdoor dream wedding planned for us :D Let's just keep our fingers crossed that it will be a good weather on that day. Anyhow, the event would still go ahead, be it rain or shine. :) Don't be surprised if you happened to see us on TV. *lol*

Last Sunday (5 Sep 2010), we went for a marriage preparation seminar which was included in the package. It covered basic essential elements on starting a marriage life comprising communication, fertility and financial planning. It was interesting and I'm surprised that the speakers were so forthcoming in sharing their tips and those embarrassing stories on couple intimacy and arguments with us.

After the talk, we went to shop for my heels. I finally found the pair of heels that I like. I love it so much because of the ribbons that can be tied around the ankle in two different ways. I'd wanted to buy a 3.5 inch but decided to just go for a 2.5 inch cos' I knew I would not be used to it and I wouldn't want to carry myself badly just because of a pretty looking heels that do not suit me.

This pair cost me a damage of S$88 but I think it's all worth it. :)

Yesterday (10.9.10) was a well-spent day as dd had a shirt tailor-made, ready for collection next week and we also confirmed our reservation for Ban Heng Pavillion Restaurant on 10 Oct 2010. We would be inviting our family and close friends for a dinner after our solemnisation. Although the wedding package includes a high-tea buffet, we did not opt for that as that buffet is mass catered for every couples and guests on that day and we are expecting the place to be crowded without a personal space for our guests.

Today, I'm putting off my work and doing what I've not done for ages on a Saturday - Baking Bread. I'd just give myself a long weekend break this week and work hard on Monday. :) It's the first time I'm trying out a Tangzhong method. Hope to share with all soon!


Esther said...

I love the shoes! I can't wait to see your tangzhong bread. I love eating those bread. The tangzhong bread always take a longer time to knead though, so it's a lot of work if you are hand kneading it.

Aimei said...

Thanks! Heh It's not very well proofed but it's soft! Oh I didn't hand knead it so I guess that's why it's not very good. hee.. :P

twinkie said...

woww pretty shoes!! :) lots of bling bling and its looks really comfy very elegant! :)

serene said...

wow!!! those cakes and cookies look delicious!!

Bakertan said...

Hey Aimei,

congrats on the your big important day! 88 is a nice number lei.. hope that your heels will bring you lots of luck. Its very classy and chic (in a guy's POV) and i think its worth the money.

I shall wish you officially when the day comes. =]

sherlyn said...


edith said...

Congrats, you must be really busy and excited. My sister's wedding is in early Dec and she is so stressed out.

Anonymous said...


Love your heels. Can I know where you bought it fr pls? Thank You.


Happy Homebaker said...

Congrats! 10.10.10 is a good date! No excuse for forgetting your anniversary. I totally forgot about my 15th wedding anniversary until my DH reminded me, and the funny thing is, he got the date wrong, lolz. I am sure you won't be like us 15th years later :)

Min said...

Congrats Ai Mei, I think garden/beach wedding is a great idea, I love this too :)

lena said...

nice blog and congratulations!

Aimei said...

Serene, Zhuoyan, Sherlyn: Thanks!

Edith: Yeah, excited and excited about it, can't imagine about the customary. :)

Anonymous: I bought it from Anna Nucci at Far East Plaza. :)

Min: Yup I'm always hoping to have garden/beach wedding. Finally the chance without engaging personal wedding coordinator.. but have to get married with lots of couples! LOL

Lena: Thanks!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Aimei, I've gotta agree on that Chinese wedding part. Being a Chinese myself, it does feel weird without having to go thru the entire process. Weird to call each other 老公老婆 hor? HAHA! Sometimes, that practical side of me does ring the question: whether taking the efforts and time to put everything together for the sake of traditional practice makes sense and are worth all the things expended. When I was talking about this with some other blogger friends and colleagues, the thought of only registering to get married officially and legally will suffice. HAHA! Then, other conversationalists were quick to oppose my idea. They said: "You'll regret! It's like a major transition stage in one's life that should not be missed." Hmmm ...

Agree with ZY, "88" is indeed a BEAUTIFUL number for the Chinese. Your money was well spent lar. LOL! Most importantly, both of you are happy with how things are turning out.

CONGRATS!! I'm SO, SO excited for you two!! Can't wait to hear more from you!!!

P.S. I'm VERY busy, too. Will drop by whenever I can. In the meantime, don't overwork yourself! =D

Aimei said...

Thanks Pei-Lin, so sweet of you. You take care and don't overwork too k... :)

Will update more on my wedding... :)