October 8, 2010

Wedding contest

Two more days, and our marital status will be different. :) I'd definitely not be used to becoming a Mrs or Mdm. so I'll still remain my salutation as a Ms. :P Friends and colleagues have been asking whether I'm excited or anxious or not... Hehe... to be frank, I'm still not too anxious yet, but I don't know what will be on that day. :P
My team of colleagues gave me a card and gift vouchers to congratulate me on my wedding. Really appreciate their thoughtfulness, especially my boss, who has been very nice and concerned about my preparations for my ROM, and even helped me find out how to apply for marriage leave and get the vouchers for newly weds from the HR department, which i wasn't aware of she had not told me. Her gestures allow me to see another side of her, a good boss who not only leads the team well, but also cares about the welfare of her subordinates. Whenever she asked me about my wedding, she would be reminiscing about the days when she got married...:D
As you know all, I'm taking part in the "I do" wedding at Sentosa and they actually came out with a contest - "The Most Celebrated Couple" Contest! Prizes include:

Champion: 3D2N stay at Resort World Sentosa & Universal Studios tickets
1st Runner-up: 2 pairs of Universal Studio tickets
2nd Runner-up: 1 pair of Universal Studio tickets

My eyes blinked when I saw the prizes. But to be the most celebrated couple that's prominent enough to stand out, we need to create an identity, through:
Team members (i.e our family or friends) need to have a cheer or jingle for us;

Create a strong couple identity with unique attire and dress code; Haha that's definitely out for us. I'm not the adventurous one and would want just to wear my traditional white wedding dress. In fact there was this option of opting to have an underwater solemnisation but we opted out of it. :D

Props such as banners or ply-cards.

Looks like we'll have to give the contest a miss because what we wanted is to have a relax, outdoor wedding with our family and close friends (although there'll be more than a hundred couples!) If only the contest is opened for voting online, I'll definitely ask all my friends, family and readers to vote for me. ;)


Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Wow, I didn't know you are participating in this 'i do' event.... I think if you are anxious , it would be because of this contest not because of the Wedding :) ... Count down and congratulations again.

sherlyn said...

Hi AiMei,

Believe it or not, not only your boss, but me also reminiscing about the days when I got married when I follow your wedding prep.

Now it is down to 2 more days. Gong Xi Gong Xi again.

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Aimei, CONGRATS!! SOOOOO excited for you on your BIG DAY!

Have fun! It's only once in a lifetime!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Congrats Aimei!

Small Small Baker said...

Wow, just 1 more day! Congrats and enjoy that special moment in life!

Aimei said...

Thanks Sirley, Sherlyn, Pei-Lin, Jess and Small Small Baker! Yes I'm getting excited now... :P

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Aimei, how was your Perfect 10 big day? Hope you had fun!

Aimei said...

Shirley, it was great! The weather was good.. :) *Happy* I just uploaded a few photos, will upload more when my photographer is ready. ;)