May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Hubby!

This year, I'm celebrating birthday for Mr Fong, my dd, as a wife / Mrs Fong! There isn't much difference actually. In fact now that we are married, we tend to make things simpler, unlike during those days of courtship. How I miss those days! hehe... I often tell hubby that we have to remind each other to continue to be lovey dovey even after 10, 20 years later... hopefully! It's not that we are not now, just that as we move into different stages of life, such as planning for our home and marriage, we have to be practical, such as saving money for the neccessities. For birthdays, we would usually buy each other what we wanted, instead of buying something that is not practical and we may not like / use it. I don't mind cute stuffs which could be impractical, but not for my hubby. So, I have not bought his birthday present. I will probably pay for our short trip to genting soon then. :)

Another difference is that since we are married, it is hard not to get involved in each other's family's outings and gatherings, even though we may prefer to spend time or certain occasions together with only the two of us. No difference from previous years, I would bake hubby a birthday cake and this year, since his family are celebrating for him and his sister together (their birthday is two days apart), I made a birthday for all to celebrate together.

I decided on a strawberry mousse cake, recipe from Judy Koh's published VCD. I used my newly bought 8-inch round cake ring which was too big for the recipe I was using, hence I baked it a second round, only to realise that the mousse I prepared was not enough for two layers!I had to make do with a really short cake. I also bake the sponge fingers so that I can prevent the mousse from melting by the time we reached the restaurant.

My mother-in-law liked the cake, much to my surprise because she does not have a sweet tooth. I believe it's the tangyness of the strawberry mousse and lemon juice that made it refreshing. I was not quite happy with the texture though as I find the mousse a little too stiff for my liking.

Pretty cake boxes from Daiso. :)

Hubby mentioned he does not like mousse cakes as much and this is the first time I knew it. But still, I have to practise the making of mousse... bear with me ok.. :P


Jean said...

what a gorgeous cake! ur husband must be the happiest man alive hehe

sherlyn said...

Even thou he says he does not like as much, but I believed he is overjoyed that you made one for him. I have not even make any for my dh. ahahaha.

Happy Birthday to him too, erm, belated birthday. :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ohhh!!! gorgeous! and very professional! :)

daphne said...

Lucky Mr Fong!!! That is the best gift ;)

Aimei said...

Haha thank you ladies! I still think this is not good enough cos' of the texture. but yea its the heart that counts.. :P

Anonymous said...

Your husband is one lucky man!