May 28, 2011

Our first Love Nest :)

After almost two years of waiting, finally we are now proud owners of our first asset, where we will be setting up our home. :) Haha... this photo doesn't spell anything about our new flat, and our keys. But we are imdeed posing in the office of HDB. I realised all the photos taken reveals my new house number, so P&C. ;)

Huat ar!! (meaning increasing wealth in Hokkein)... LOL... that's the Chinese custom of rolling two pineapples before stepping into the new house, for wealth and prosperity.

Here's a small, 90 sqm public housing, with three bedrooms, in the northern part of Singapore. :)

Looking from the door entrance.... It's rather dark as we are living on the fifth floor... On the left is the household shelter, to the right is the kitchen.

Pathetic small kitchen.... We will be hacking off the left wall to make way for an open concept kitchen. Nevermind that people often advises about the grease and all, we need a bright kitchen and more spacious living hall. We will buy a strong hood!

The service yard area, where we will be putting the washer.

Looking out from the service yard area. That's the household shelter.

Our living room. :)

Stepping further in....

Looking from the living room. On the left is the kitchen, Behind the wall with the circular vent is the household shelter. Got it?

Moving to the left will be our bedrooms. Very small yea?

Our dining area. We plan to put a big mirror to enlarge the space. There, you see three bedrooms. We'll be combining two bedrooms into one as the master bedroom is so freakingly small.

Alright, that's about it... will update more again when there's more things to see instead of a bare house.

We started sourcing for contractors / Interior Designers (ID) since last year and finally, we decided to be our own ID. An interior designer helps to design your house but we find that most of the designs coming from such identical layout are similar, and as our house is small, there isn't much designs to play around with.

Hubby is the main "designer" and I'm fortunate that he's enjoying it and good at all the details. :)

Renovation permit has been approved and we'll be starting our renovation soon... *excited*I shall journal it down when things get going... ;)

** I have no idea why the moment I published the post, the paragraph spacing becomes so large. Sorry for the ugle presentation. ***


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Hope you have an enjoyable time building up your nest.
It took me 8 months to complete mine and I was the ID and plan drawer, haha! Tiring it was, mistakes there were, but saves a lot of money.
Enjoy yourself!

twinkie said...

congratulations on owning ur own house! :)

daphne said...

oohhh congrats!!!! What a great start! and i agree, we are building our new hse in aus is also open living-and we got a strong hood!!

Small Small Baker said...

Wah, I like the big windows in the living room. I can feel your excitement in getting your new house. Update us after your renovation. :)

Aimei said...

Thanks ladies! Will surely update more when renovations done!

sherlyn said...

I love looking at new houses. Enjoy every moment of renovations .. I did many years back. I still enjoy home and design magazines now! :)

Min said...

Congrats on your new house, AiMei...I think you will enjoy this moment :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Congrats!!! Yay, more food from your kitchen now.. A kitchen truly belongs to you! Awesome right! :)

Aimei said...

Thanks! Hope I can learn how to cook nice dishes like you ladies! My hubby cannot survive on cakes and cookies only! :P

freedom100cc said...

Congratulation Aimei going to own your Home Sweet Home soon! =) Happy to you :D - Alice

freedom100cc said...

Congratulation Aimei, going to own your Home Sweet Home soon~ wish you and ur hubby enjoy it =) Happy yo you! :D

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Getting your own home is exciting! Especially when you get to build it up from scratch! Apartments are indeed getting smaller and smaller but hey, it's your own and that is what matters. Congratulations!

Sweeter side of life said...

Hello Ai mei! Congratulations! I am so happy for you to have gotten a nice home for yourself and your husband :D I am really excited to hear about all your updates on the renovation, especially the kitchen! I believe to all the food bloggers all there, kitchen renovation is most probably their top priority! I hope i could have a chance to come around and drop by your house :) We are so near to each other! All the best~ Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Zoe said...

Congratulations to your new home. There will be lots of baking in your new kitchen.

Voe said...

I love your blog, I will definitly be checking back again.

Good luck with your new love nest. My boyfriend and I are currently searching for one of our own.

All the best,

Aimei said...

Thanks Shirley, Yan Yee and Zoe! haha :D