February 15, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hi people, I'm back, finally! This blog has become dusty, being neglected for months. I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. :P Not only that, I find myself blog-hopping lesser and lesser. I couldn't help it, as I had to prepare for my wedding and setting up of my new home then. Every weekend was filled with activities... Meeting up with bridal coordinators, choosing and collecting invitation cards, making of video for our wedding montage... etc. Well, nothing beats the importance of my wedding, followed by work. So, baking and blogging has to be put on hold then. :P
It was a really busy year for me last year, but fun and fulfilling. I have to admit that in the midst of "happy future planning", there were times when I felt a little stress or overwhelmed by all the conflicting views by both side of our parents when it comes to our wedding. Although times have changed, but we still have to respect our parents who are more traditional in their thinking and hence have to abide by their customs. It was also through our wedding that I felt very touched by how our parents and family loved us, the things they did for us, and being accomodating and helping us wherever they could.
I am slowly getting back to my baking routine and have baked twice using my new Bosch oven! I have also cooked a few dishes and loving it, except for the washing and cleaning. As for blogging, I believe I won't be blogging that much but I'll try to keep it going as best as I could.
Here's sharing some of my bridal photoshoot taken in Singapore. I am so proud of myself that I could resist the "temptation", and only bought extra two photos (but costing $75 per photo which is daylight robbery! lol). I wouldn't want to spend thousands over just because the photographer took too many photos of us and allow us to choose!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!What a good looking couple. Definitely, will produce good looking children. Love all your wedding gowns and dresses.

daphne said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! So glad your wedding went well. Congratulations u newly weds!

Passionate About Baking said...

Congratulations Aimei! You have finally got hitched and settle down. The wedding photos are really very pretty!

Aimei said...

Thanks Daphne and Jane! :D

sherlyn said...

Prove that I still read your blog :) Anyway I have baked less and thus blogged less too .. Once a while I still drop by cos I have been very busy and I guess will be super busy for quite a long while ..
Congrats again to you and looking forward to your sharing pictures of your new house :)

konde said...

congrats for u wedding :)

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