May 5, 2012

My New Home

It's another 2 months + since my last posting and sometimes, I really thought of giving up this blog since I hardly have time to update it, and probably no one reads it now. But one thing that is for sure is that, I have never forget all the food bloggers out there whom I have been following for the past few years.  I may be silent, but that doesn't mean I lost all my past passion, just the fact that committments have changed so lesser time is devoted to blogging or posting a comment. I believe this is true for all food bloggers or those who have stopped blogging. Once the passion for baking / cooking is found in you, it will never stop.

So I decided that anytime I feel like updating my blog, I would just do it!

This post is all about my new home.. which is a really outdated post as I've already moved in for 3 months++.  I've cooked more than I baked in this new kitchen and loving every moment and every bit of my kitchen. Still a noob in cooking, I'm glad that my hubby is not fussy and eat whatever is my new "experiments".

Another impediment to blogging is that after having used my brother's DSLR camera, I can no longer tolerate the pictures captured by my sony digital point and shoot camera! I know without my sony digital, I won't have mybakingcottage today. :P I'll have to say that the pictures taken by the iphone has a better resolution and produce clearer picture.

I'll just let the pictures bring this short post to an end. I'll try to post more food related postings if I can spare some time like today! :)

 My beloved open-concept kitchen. It's a small kitchen but I love the counter top and so far around my neighbourhood, I've not seen anyone knocking down the kitchen wall and do up this kitchen design. So far not much of a problem with the grease and oil with simple stir-frying. :)

 This is our family's portluck housewarming in Jan. :) I like how the mirror appears as though the food doubled. :)
View from my window. Nothing fantastic, just the playground from my 5th floor unit. :)


Anonymous said...

Your house looks beautiful!!!

Small Small Baker said...

I'm still here! :) Your house is so beautiful. I like the kitchen and the dining area. So cosy. Just keep us updated with anything and anytime. :)

Aimei said...

Hehe thanks small small baker! It's not the most beautiful house but it's cosy enough for us. :) thanks for your encouragement! Will continue to cook and bake and read all the nice blogs out there

WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Nice place!
It looks simple and cosy.
Mine is all topsy turvy now with the kids messing up the place.

I think your oven is the same as mine, looks similiar, Bosch?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimei,
Just curious is this place Punggol Arcadia?
May I know which ID are you using and how much is the renovation as I am looking for one.
Thank you!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Aimei, your house is beautiful! I like the dining area :)

Aimei said...

Hi Wendy, yes, it's Bosch. :)

Jean, it's in Yishun. We didn't engage ID. My hubby designed and we told the contractor what we want. :)

Haha thank you! I'd taken into consideration your advices when doing up this house... Those questions and doubts i have.. :P Thanks for your advices earlier on!

sherlyn said...

Aimei, I am still reading ... and so are the rest of the regulars :)

Your house is so pretty! I love the kitchen, and the dining, and the living ... and the oven, and the red KA, which almost like centrepiece. :)

I cook more than I bake now too, cos simply cannot find time to bake but cannot avoid cooking since the family still needs to eat.

Just update whenever you can, we all pass through the stage, the marriage, the new house, the kids .. so we know ... you will probably have more time when your kids are older hehe (planning so far for you right? :) )

ciao for now .. cos I want to see if I can update some recipe for the dishes my family like.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I know exactly what you mean about the blogging part. I'm also slacking in my posting. There was a stage where I find blogging an obligation, simply because I have to answer to my readers. But I find it very stressful if I were to maintain that way. I've learnt to let go and just blog as and when I feel like it.

Nice home!

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Just drop by to see hi.

Ur house is very clean and cosy. I tot I saw a red KA, love :)

Aimei said...

Sherlyn, Blessed Homamaker and Angel, thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimei,
Can I check if your toilet pipe is conceal? If yes did you took out the marking tape? Pls advise. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Love ur kitchen concept n the bedroom wall... Simply fabulous....