February 16, 2008

Le Deli Potato!

Does this look familiar to you? If it is, then probably Delifrance had been successful; or I was successful in creating this potato dish. :P For those who are frequent patronisers of Delifrance, you would probably know that a few years back, Delifrance had this potato dish where the centre was stuffed with egg mayo, tuna mayo or seafood mayo, the usual fillings in their sandwiches. I remembered that time, I went for this several times at Delifrance. I really love this dish because I like potatoes. I don't think Delifrance now has it cos' I don't see this in the menu...I wonder why. Probably it's not that popular i guess :)

Anyway, not sure either how I suddenly have this thought of replicating this myself. Made this for my lunch and thought this was really simple. Baked the potato, scope some flesh out from the centre to make a 'well', and fill it with your favourite fillings. Top it with bacon chips and some dash of pepper..and there you are! I would suggest not to boil the potato as it would be wet and moist and won't taste as good. Baking it also makes it easier to remove the skin. For a medium potato, I took about 25 minutes. Not sure of the exact time needed, cos' I need to constantly check for its softness.
If you like potatoes, give it a try! :)


Anne said...

I used to love baked potatoes way back when I was in my secondary education and I don't know why i stopped eating but seeing what you've come up rekindled my love for it. Would definitely give this a try :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog! :)Will be visiting often.

Aimei said...

Hi Anna, Yeah do give it a try. :) It's pretty simple and nice, for baked potato lovers!

Thanks Curiousfoodie! :)

sweet-tooth said...

I'm a sucker for potatoes!
Will try this out soon, have lotsa potatoes to use in my potato sack, just that i'm not sure if i'll have time to take a break from school-related things and do other stuff.
Man, i wish i was working!
Then at least i won't have homework and CCA.

Aimei said...

Hi sweet-tooth, it's a good way to use up your potatoes. Besides they are really easy too!

Well, I just officially step out into the working society one year plus ago and understand how you feel. Do treasure and enjoy your youth first. haha. All the best!

Anne, just sorry realised I mis-spelt your name as Anna. Apologies! :P

chumpman said...

I like Delifrance croissant with tuna mayo since I'm in high school. I don't remember Delifrance here in Hong Kong has baked potato or I won't miss it. I love baked potato of Oliver's Super Sandwich, I've been hooked ever since. Your potato looks very tempting and beautiful which made me have craving to make mine too.