September 30, 2009

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This flourless chocolate cake made not too long ago but I had almost forgotten about it. This is quite unlike me because usually for successful bakes, I would KIV it for photo enhancement and might blog about it later. Hmmm... probably I did not have much memory of this cake because I had happily given it away to my colleagues the next day after baking and left only two or three slices at home. I need to have self-control because my parents are not fans of chocolates. Can you imagine my mum shunning away when seeing thick grooey chocolate?! Whenever I was baking chocolate stuffs, she would go eeee so chocolatety! LOL! I believe her reaction is something all chocolate lovers can never comprehend. :P

I almost forgotten where I took this recipe until I browsed through some of the usual blogs I visit and there you are, Happy Homebaker's chocolate gateau. Unlike some flourless chocolate cake which uses almost just pure chocolate without any flour / very little flour, this recipe is purely flourless but with ground almond/almond meal. It gives a slight fudgy texture, similar to a brownie, yet it won't stick in your mouth. That was how my friend described and I really appreciated that! Not many people actually taste and feel the texture of food. :)

It's a very chocolatety cake but you won't feel the greasiness. Do do try this, especially if you are thinking of finishing up the almond meal before it gets expired. ;)

This is of course for him. :P

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