June 6, 2010

Phuket Trip (Part 2)

The second day of our phuket was the island hopping package. You'll have to go for this if you go Phuket, at least for the first time. The tour brings you to different island where we snorkeled and visited the beautiful islands and beaches. Had a very early breakfast at 7am and we were ready to go!

Vainpot dd wearing the sunglass he bought from
chatuchak night market

An hour to two bus ride before we arrive at the ferry terminal to board the speed boat

Phi Phi island... where we snorkeled. I kept worrying that I would float away as I couldn't swim well. :D The water was not as clear as we expected. Dead corals and murky water :(

This was maya island. Yeah the water here is much clearer.

It's really beautiful. The water was crystal clear with fine sandy beaches. The photos over here were all taken using the water landscape feature with flash.

wow.... dd helping a bikini babe to take pictures!

Next stop was heading to Krabi for lunch, included in our package

After our lunch, we board the speed boat to Khai island... Also a beautiful island...
Our tour guide preparing refreshments (water-melons and ice water). We were served an abundance of water-melons on that day that we really got sck of water-melons.

It's a really commercialised place here. Each beach chair cost 100 baht. This was where I had a Walls ice-cream cone for S$6! I didn't realised it could be that exorbitant until i took a cone, paid the money, then compute the currency in S$. :P
That was the last stop of our day trip. We were back to the hotel in the evening.
Dinner at Savoey restaurant. Serves everything from seafood to western cuisine. Nice ambience with live band.

Haa... the table spread says it all... let me recall... we ordered a shrimp salad, mixed vegetables, stir-fried chicken, tom yam soup and tiger prawns!

The most expensive part of the meal...we had a tiger prawn each.

We chanced upon this interesting facial salon concept where customers can go in and have a quick facial and you just lie down with many other customers! The salon operates in a see-through glass room! It's an interesting concept, works like a hair salon. Their skills are not tha bad considering that they managed to remove dd's blackhead/mole(?) for many years! lol... we just hope they do sterilise those picking sticks (or whatever you call) they use!


Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow!!! the beach! so ridiculously beautiful!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

the photos shown how beautiful is the beach, my last visit to phuket was think 10 yrs. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Phuket Hotels Thailand said...

Your trip was amazing...Hope you will be back again...

Edwin said...

Hey i was reading thru ur blog, im heading towards phuket. i m really curious if u will to go down for water sports, where will u leave ur belongings w?

Aimei said...

Hi Edwin, if i rem correctly, we left with the tour guide.

Surin Beach Phuket said...

We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.

pignut said...

hi babe, wonder how much does it cost for the island hopping under Mr Mark tour? Is it alright if i don't swim that well to go for this package?