June 20, 2010

Phuket Trip (Part 3)

Part 3 of my phuket trip! I'd better keep up with my blogging of my phuket adventures in case i procrastinate further and forgotten some of the details... like the names of beaches i went. My memory is failing... like during the course of my work, I could forget what I spoke about over the phone after a day if i didn't minute it. Even when my mom asked me to do something and I can forget about it the next minute! anything food that can boost my memory?

Alright... Day 3 was another package that dd and I signed up. We went for the ATV ride, water rafting and elephant ride. They also brought us to visit a waterfall and money land. We totally enjoyed the activities. I would highly recommend going for these activities if you visit phuket. ;)

This was the first activity stop where we had our ATV ride. Look further down if you do not know what's an ATV.

This photo was taken when we finished our entire route. As usual, they would took snapshots of us and sell it at the tourist rate later on. Haha i think both of us look damn serious cos' we were driving all by ourselves for the entire 45 minute journey along their planned track, past humps and roads along with other vehicles
The ATV looks cool doesn't it? Being the lousy driver, I couldn't control the ATV at the beginning kept bumping right into the bushes while driving in the practice route. That was exactly those times when I used to play car or motor racing in arcades but it was the real thing then. The guide had to rescue me many times by pulling me out of the bushes. :P
I thought of giving up and ride on dd's ATV with him but it was too late. Before i could get down, they'd started the engine for me and I had to quickly follow the rest of the group out to the track otherwise I would be left behind. But oh i was glad I went for it cos' the real route was much smoother than the practice route. My hands were numb from having to prepare for emergency brake but I totally enjoyed the ATV! It was real fun!

After the ATV, we were up into the van where they drove us to our next activity site for water rafting.

Yeah that was water rafting. we had to wait for the water at the man-made dam to start running before we could start the activity as the flow of water depended largely on the man-made dam in order for the water to flow swiftly. There were actually many boats around so we were like playing bumper boats in the river, deliberately pushing and splashing water. haha...

This was the waterfall area. The water was real cold...

Elephant ride. It was quite scary when the guide got down the elephant and let us control the elephant by ourselves.

Monkey Land. I wasn't that fascinated with this place cos' the monkeys were snatching food and running around you. That was our last stop for the day package.
The tour guide drove us back to our respective hotel.
Had our dinner at Subway.

Followed by street snacks - grilled corn and banana crepes.

After dinner, we had a good long bath and rest before going for Thai Massage. That was my first time trying out a thai massage and it wasn't as painful as i thought it would be. I guess probably their technique is still not so traditional. Anyhow it was good man that i'd fallen asleep.

Our supper - chicken noodle soup with a stick of grilled chicken (like Singapore's satay).


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Anonymous said...


May I know where is the place mentioned above? It is Phang Nga?
Coz we wil going to Phuket soon! :)

Appreciate if you can provide me the information :)

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Surin Beach Phuket said...

We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.