July 16, 2008

Dinner for Two

I have always wanted to cook a decent meal for my family but weekdays is of course an impossible mission for me while on weekends, we would usually prefer to dine out most of the time. So, there is hardly chance for me to try out my 'culinary' skills. Hehe...

Last Sunday, I suggested to my boyfriend that I'd like to prepare dinner for the two of us, since my parents would be out for dinner. He seemed more than happy, but at the same time, he seemed to be in uncertainty when I said I would prepare a 'healthy' meal for him. Haha...which he knew my favourite 'healthy' meal as well as my 'signature' meal is sandwiches! LOL

I decided to prepare a traditional chinese meal of 3 dishes, 1 soup. Taking into consideration that we would be reaching home at around 6pm after our movie at Cineleisure, I thought of some simple dishes that doesn't require too much time and hassle, and also dishes that he like :)

We reach home at around 6.10pm. My boyfriend estimated that he would have to wait until earliest 8pm before dinner can be ready, having seen how much I seemed to have prepared, with so little time. Heh but I confidently told him dinner would be ready by latest 7.30pm!
This is our dinner for two. :D

Seafood soup with mixed fishcakes, crabmeat, seaweed, etc. I bought this from the Japanese Section at the supermarket. It was rather expensive. This involved just boiling the soup and have all ingredients together. No skills involved. Hehe...

Just a simple stir-fried mixed veggie of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots with some mushrooms.

My boyfriend likes mushrooms so I stir-fried this dish of a mixture of shishake , button and oyster mushrooms, with vegetarian oyster sauce. Add in some black pepper to taste and it's great!

Lastly, I baked this caramelized chicken. I found this recipe from
here, but I halved the recipe, and reduced the baking time. This recipe is good. The caramelization of honey and tomato sauce sink into the chicken, making the meat tender and very tasty. Do give this recipe a try if you are a chicken lover llike him. :D


Small Small Baker said...

So sweet of u to make a dinner for your bf. :) I like the caramelized chicken. Looks so delicious. I'm chicken lover too. :)

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Ohh I got to try that chicken recipe! I love wings!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

*Applause for Aimei*

You are making me hungry.. Especially the Caramelized chicken wings..

Ssb, don't you agree the wings looked so drooling delicious?

Small Small Baker said...

Agree! I already bookmarked the recipe. Can't resist this! :)

Rei said...

I'm sure your bf appreciates your effort. All looks yummy!

Aimei said...

HIhi SSB, Ms. ___2 be, Happy Mrs Kwok and Rei,

Thanks! Yeah, this chicken is delicious!!! :D