April 5, 2009

Picnic@ East Coast Park

It was such a nice weather to go for a picnic! No reason to back out last minute even though I woke up later than I should be to prepare the bento for our picnic. :P

When I'm done, it was almost noon but we had the whole afternoon to relax at our leisure on a Sunday.
The weather was windy and coolingon that day, you could spot people flying kites. We initially wanted to get off our lazy butts and do some cycling but the weather was really so good that we ended up reading newspapers, eating off our bentos and simply lazing around.

This is the bento that I prepared on that day. The worst part was frying thr chicken fillets. I did not take note of the fire and it got burnt. I managed to salvage it by cutting away the burnt portion with only a much smaller portion left :(
The maki sushi sandwiches was taken from Happy Homebaker's and it was really nice! Even my dad who NEVER eat any of such "sushi" stuffs also said it's nice! dd commented I could have use less rice so that the maki sandwich would be thinner. Lastly the two swissrolls were made during my baking class. I got it distorted while trying to put into the bento box. The tiger swissroll was only half of the original slice cos' it was too big a slice to be squeeze in!
It was fun but I'm still not pleased enough with my bento. Will try out other varieties next time! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Aimei,
Where do you get the bento box?
Thank alot[:

Aimei said...


I bought from Phoon Huat. It's quite cheap at 5 for $2.50. You can also buy bento boxes from Daiso, they are more colourful but it's more expensive, usually 2 or 3 boxes for $2. :)