April 30, 2009

Double-Boiled papaya Soup & Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

The other day, I was listening to 93.3 FM (one of the pop mandarin radio channel) from my MP3 player while I was jogging and the DJ was introducing this simple soup that she recommends to all ladies. I couldn't jot down the ingredients but I could remember the ingredients and method because it was so simple.

All you need is just red dates, gingko nuts, an unripe papaya (which they called "green papaya") and some sugar to taste.

First, boil water, then add in the red dates and ginko nuts and some sugar to taste and simmer for about 8 minutes until the dates and nuts becomes soft and the taste had infused into the soup. Set aside. Next, cut papaya into half. Scoop out the centre flesh and seeds to create a hollow well. Pour the soup into the "well" and steam papaya for about 15 minutes or until papays is soft (You could actually steam it longer if you like the papaya to be softer).

The soup is clear, light and refreshing. I prefer it to be served cold. Best of all, it is said to be good for complexion and to enhance woman's assets. hehe... if you know what I mean. :P Anyway I don't really think it works, otherwise every woman on the streets would be ermm...well endowed. :P Still this is a refreshing and healthy dessert worth trying. :)


This Japanese Souffle Cheesecake is not a new recipe cos' I've actually made it
before. Just simply happy with the result and the recipe that I'd just like to post it one more time. I'm gonna stick to this recipe whenever I want to make a light Japanese souffle cheesecake. :)


missy said...

wow wow this looks so wonderful! i would love to try this

Blessed Homemaker said...

Your papaya soup looks good! Will try it one day when I get my hands on green papaya :)

Aimei said...

Hi Missy and Blessed Homemaker! Hope you like it! :)

tracieMoo said...

wow the cheesecake looks tempting =)

Aimei said...

Hi tracieMoo, yes it is. It has become my trusted recipe ;)

Razeeda said...

Need your almost expert advice...is there a substitute for vanilla extract? I understand there's alcohol content in it. I don't take alcohol due to religious reasons

Aimei said...

Hi Razeeda,

Usually another substitute for vanilla extract would be vanilla essence, bt it's not the real extract, just the flavour. If you want the real taste, then you may have to go for vanilla beans.

Simply Aaron said...

Hi Amei, for the double boiled papaya... If i use unripe papaya, will the papaya taste tasteless after steaming it? Will it turn to orange color or greenish? Thanks!