September 24, 2007

Classic Corn Bread

I am very much a breakfast person...every morning without fail, I would religiously take my breakfast at home; normally it's 2 slices of bread with my favourite peanut butter and milk :) Nowadays when the bread finishes towards the end of the week, I would take the opportunity to try to bake something simple so i can have it the next day. So it usually won't be anything too fanciful. I had a packet of cornmeal which I bought as i wanted to try the famous 'kenny Rogers corn muffins' one day.
I tried this very simple mix-in classic corn bread. There are dozens of cornbread recipes and variations around the world. The traditional one though, originated from southern United States and is baked in a cast-iron skillet, which gives it its crumbly texture. I baked mine in a normal loaf pan. I halved the recipe though I should have just keep to the original as there wasn't enough batter to keep it tall. I sprinkled toasted pumpkin seeds on top which greatly improved the appearance and taste of the bread. My mum felt that it was rather bland, which I agreed. But I guess It's supposed to be like this since it was so versatile to go with different types of flavourings or eaten with butter and jam; and what can we ask for when it's so healthy without any sugar but only 1 tbsp of honey, right. :P I like spreading with butter or jam and biting into the corns ..! :) The recipe was adopted from Williams-Sonoma - Essential of Baking. I shall post the recipe later or when requested as I find that the taste wasn't that fabulous. I shall try other corn bread/muffin recipes some other time.

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