September 22, 2007

Specially for 'Bee'!

Who is this "bee'? Haha it's not me, although my name has a 'bee' in it too. Quite an overdue post...cos this was the day 4 of us, xian, ling and me celebrated our dearest gal, Soon Bee's birthday! I had been planning what to bake for her before her big day. I know u like tiramisu gal, but I've tried before and it's kinda difficult to assemble it beautifully and making it firm. Don't wanna take the risk. Wanted to bake a mango mousse cake but didnt turn out to be very good when i tried the week before. it goes...a chocolate mousse cake. :)

Actually there were some risks involved. I baked a chocolate chiffon which i dun often had much success with. Luckily it turned out not too bad. Thou the centre sank abit, at least the sides did not shrink. I was also afraid the mousse would'nt turn out well. Anyway, my backup plan was to bake a basic choco butter cake should it fail.

This is how it turned out. For the chocolate chiffon, I cant remember where i got the recipe. It's just a basic chiffon recipe. As for the choco mousse, the recipe was obtained from Florence - Do what I like. The steps were quite tedious but I would say it's not difficult and worth it. The taste was really good. I sandwiched the cake between choco mousse, glazed it with choco ganache and decorated with strawberries and toasted hazel nuts. This is the final presentation...

Hehe I know the circumference doesn't look too nice. Not sure whether there wasn't enough ganache to cover the sides or i just simply don't know how to glaze it propery. So it somehow mixed with the mousse and looked wet and gooey. But the result is still good. Tasted nice. I specially bought this 4 inch cake pan so that for our mini gatherings, the cake is just enough for about 4 of us. :)

With some leftover mousse in the fridge, I scooped it into a pastry bag and piped into a muffin cup and...a cupcake mousse! Nice right? I was quite surprised that I can actually piped it so nicely; not sure whether are mousse supposed to be that stiff after setting in the fridge or should it be softer? Don't have much eating experience with mousse. We celebrated Bee's birthday at shinKUSHIYA, a Japanese restaurant. Their specialties are charcoal grilled skewers, which were all excellent! We described their food as being prepared to bring out the 'essence'. Didn't took the photos as we were too immense in the eating. The ambience and services were excellent too. Do give the food there a try. It's located at the New Suntec Galleria #01-031.
Xian bought a packet of chocolate 'bees' for our birthday girl. Happy Birthday gal! Friends Forever! :)

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