September 21, 2007

The journal of my baking adventure begins...

Never thought that I would be keeping a blog one day, somehow just don't like the idea of blogging about my life, thoughts, feelings...and publish for the world to see. Until one fine day, while searching the net for baking resources, I discovered the world of food blogs which came to me that there were actually so many out there who loves baking as much (i would say much much more) like i do.

Baking is fun! I read from an article in Women's magazine sometime back that the kneading and swirling hand movement can help to relieve stress. The energy exhausted in the process can also help to make up for the calories consumed for maybe a mini muffin? hehe...I'm not joking...especially when having to knead by hand or using a handheld mixer for more than 10 minutes...I can feel the 'heat' coming. So well, it is good that I don't own a kitchenAid mixer (*comforting myself* :P). I just love to see a clump of dough or a smooth creamy batter being magically transformed into delicious sweet things, filling the whole house with the homely warm aroma. It's really satisfying, especially when I see my little nephew enjoying my don't lie ok :) Have been reading several foodie blogs with good recipes and advices...would like to say thanks to those out there who had responded to my queries before and given me your valuable advices.

As I baked more and more, I felt I simply need an avenue where I can keep a record of all my tried and tested recipes, the verdicts and the hiccups along the way which had proven to be good learning experiences for me through every baking session... So here I am. :) I can now understand why people likes to blog. It's simply about sharing your passion and penning it down, be it about life...a

Hope this little journal of my adventures and *disasters* in the kitchen will accompany me as i bring my baking skills to greater heights, and allow me to find more inspirations in cooking which I'm still not good at. Hehe...
A glimpse of some of past bakes above....
They were all taken with my pathetic Nokia camera, so not very clear. But not bad least the flaws couldn't be seen..:P


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Aimei, welcome to the blogging world! I am looking forward to reading your baking adventures :)

Bingki said...

Hi Aimei! Just droppng by to congratulate u on ur blog! will read it as often as i can. =) I'll lend u my utmost support by being ur taster for every(hopefully)baking. hee

Anonymous said...

wah liao. so obsessed with being skinny den don bake lah. mad. u think skinny is nice. sheesh. GET REAL LAH

Aimei said...

Hi anonymous

Maybe you can say I want to be slim but definitely not SKINNY, and I have never said skinny is nice. I usually go for easy, healthier alternatives if possible for family and myself on a more frequent basis. As for baking, I know I love it and I know how to pamper myself. I do not think this is not being 'REAL'.

Anyway thaks for leaving your views and comment here.

esther said...

Hi Aimei

My name is Esther. Just happen to "swim" into your blog. Congratulate on your hvg your own beautiful food blog. Like what you say, if u don't hv a blog to keep all ur tested n tried recipes, it's gonna be a waste.

I hv also started to cook & bake recently. Thus, I share your kind of joy ;)

And so far I see the food that you hv prepared, they r vy vy nice.

Keep going!

Best Regards

Aimei said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a beautiful blog and interesting! Was wondering how you create those background. Really nice...Will drop by your blog often! :)

e said...

Hi Aimei

Thx for dropping by too!

Well, those backgrounds are "ready-made". ;p
has many different backgrounds u can choose from. u can create an account with them and interchange d backgrounds. It's fun u noe? :O)


Tom said...


You have a wonderful site. I am the anonymous person that recently tried your double soft bread recipe. Keep it up. And I will check out your site regularly.

My next baking project: spring onion buns.

Oh, I need to bake another loaf of the double soft bread again. It is all gone already. My daughter can stop eating it!


Aimei said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for dropping by my site again. I really love to cook and bake. Was hoping I can cook delicious food and bake nice desserts for people around me, especially my love ones. Also hoping one day, can bring my hobby to the next level :D

You have a blog? Anyway, good luck in all your baking endeavours! Happy baking and cooking!