August 2, 2010

ROM photography confirmed

Today we met with Henry, a freelance photographer who had been doing freelance photography services for ROM or wedding couples. He was introduced by my colleague and we have seen his works posted on flickr.

After seeing his works, we were quite happy with his style of photography and his price was quite reasonable. So we decided to engage him. :) Hopefully the photos will turn out nice at Sentosa. By the way, we have participated in the "I do" wedding at Sentosa on 10 Oct 2010 (10.10.10), if you had seen the advertisement on the papers. It's a collaboration between SPH and Sentosa. We thought it would be memorable and the timing fits in nicely within our planned date. When dd first saw the advertisement, he immediately told me about it cos' I had always wanted an outdoor wedding, but had decided to give up on the idea as we felt that planning for an outdoor wedding is not so feasible in Singapore due to the weather (too sunny or rainy will not work) condition. This event will plan the outdoor locations with the solemniser for us, we just have to get ourselves dolled up and prepared. We just pray that it won't rain on that day. :) Don't be surprised if you happen to see us on TV. *LOL* :P

Yeah so one more thing settled. We'll be chossing our ROM dress and suit this month. *excited*

We also went to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura today. I was looking for materials to make my own wedding ring pillow. To my disappointment, the silk cloth and organza material has to sold a minimum of 1 metre, which we won't need that much. If it is gonna be so cost ineffective, I guess I'll just stick to the wedding bear that Soo Kee is providing. Maybe I'll see how I can DIY to personalise the pair of wedding bears. :)

On our way home, dd and I chatted and somehow came to this topic of being happy in life. I would say I'm not a person who is optimistic person and who is always happy with life. I can be easily unhappy when things don't go the way I'd wish it would be or doesn't turn out the way I expected. dd of course knew this character of mine and often sited examples to show how a person should be contented, optimistic most importantly to let go. It doesn't mean we should be contented easily and don't work hard. Rather is to let go when certain unhappy things have already happened. Probably I am the youngest in the family, I am a little too pampered since young. But after knowing dd, I have learnt to be a better and happier person. There is of course still room for improvement. :P I am just so glad that I met him cos' he complements on my flaws, and is always there to provide a listening ear for me. I am jotting this down as I'll be able to remember what we had chatted today. :)

Tomorrow is Monday! Jia you to a busy week! :)

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