August 15, 2010

To disagree lovingly

Yesterday (14 Aug to be exact), dd and I had a little disagreement with regards to money matters. In his opinion, my way of looking at the issue was totally illogical but in my opinion, I think it was perfectly reasonable. The stubborness in me would usually not agree with him in the first instance but this time, I learnt how to disagree with him but not being too emotional that may ended up in an argument like what had happened in the past.

I thought over the matter later on and thought maybe he had a point too. However, I still believe most, if not all women will think the same way as I do. Probably men and women will never agree on things to the same level. :)

Anyhow, his perspective let me see another side of him, and that has allowed me to see things and situations in another perspective. That's why I love him, :P He is not only a partner or a fiance to me. He is also like a mentor to me, he guides me along and helps me become a better person. haha....

I'm not sure if this happens in other couples. But for us, we are willing to listen, discuss and compromise, all thanks to dd who had been very patient. :)

Tomorrow we are going to try our ROM dresses and suits. *excited*!

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