August 22, 2010

Mango Pomelo Sago Dessert

After I had Jess of Bakericious's mango pomelo dessert during the food blogger's gathering, I made a mental note that I shall make it some day because that was one of the best sago dessert that I've tried. The usual honeydew sago dessert that was served at buffets were either too rich or sweet. Her mango pomelo dessert was very refreshing and makes me want to have more without feeling sinful of eating dessert. I wished i wasn't too full that day to have extra helpings of the dessert. ;)

I didn't have to wait too long to try my hands at this dessert. :) Last Saturday, my family had a barbeque at our neighbourhood to celebrate my dad and mum's birthday. Their birthday was only three days apart so every year, we would celebrate for them together. Instead of the usual family dinners at restaurants, my brother organised a bbq session this year and it has been ages since I had a BBQ, not to mention my parents. I could see that my parents were pretty excited though they did not say so. *lol*

Just when everyone was getting ready to go to the park, we were hit with a really gloomy weather that we did not know whether to proceed with the barbeque, or to have a change of plans. After a slight drizzle for a short while, the sky was still grey. We were at the park, but hesitated whether to start the fire. We waited and waited.... for another half an hour or so, eventually the rain stopped completely and the weather was cool. :) Heaven was on our side!
Besides the barbeque food items, we also prepared some potluck items such as fried bee hoon, fried noodles, curry, fruits salad, etc. I brought along the mango pomelo sago dessert. It was a rather last minute decision, as I only thought about it in the morning while I was at work. So by the time I finished with the dessert, I still need a good 3 hours (accordingly to the recipe) to chill it but I only chill it for about 1 hour and had to remove from the fridge. I put one big cube of ice, but was worried that it would make the dessert bland. The mangoes I bought was a little sourish and I almost wanted to give up the idea of making the dessert. Still I went ahead with it. Jess used mango juice in place of water in the recipe while I used mango yoghurt drink and blend in with the mango puree, hoping to make it sweeter. Luckily all family doesn't have a really sweet tooth so they felt that it was just right.

It was rather a challenge making this dessert for the first time because my mom couldn't guide me as she had never cooked sago before. The sago was so starchy and murky after cooked that I do not know whether I had cooked it correctly. I patiently drained and run the cooked sago pearls in cold running water, and hey in the end I managed to get a big bowl of clear mini sago pearls! I didn't added in the whole of sago pearls as they seemed quite alot but when added to the big pot of mango milk, it was just the right amount. Happy Birthday my dear Dad and Mum! I'm sure you had enjoyed yourselves as all of us did. ;)


busygran said...

I like the dessert. It doesn't seem cloying at all. Belated birthday wishes to your parents! How wonderful to be able to celebrate together!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Aimei, congratulations on the recreation of this dessert! I am sure it is very popular at the barbecue! I just ate your lavender cookies the other day- very exotic and adult!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Aimei, you made the dessert! Jess must be so happy too! Haha! I know, sometimes, it just feels good to have something sweet but doesn't feel as heavy to curb our dessert cravings. Agree that the dessert is very refreshing on hot days like now.

Happy Belated Birthday to your mom and dad! I'm sure such huge family event must have been fun!

Passionate About Baking said...

This really reminded me of the nice desserts we have the other day. You managed to make this again... Wish I could have it too! Looks very good!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Aimei, happy belated birthday to ur dad n mum! my dad n mum share the same birthday as well :)

Pei Lin is right, I am very happy that you like this dessert and hope your family enjoy too :)

Esther said...

Aimei, I love the new outlook of your blog, so nice, so feminine!
And your 杨枝甘露look yummy. Can I have a bowl? ;-p

Aimei said...

Hey thanks everyone for your wishes! I thank my dad and mum on their behalf! :)

Shirley, glad you like the cookies. :)

Pei-Lin, yeah agree that the dessert is very refreshing. Thanks Jess for sharing this that day!

Esther, hehe thanks. Sure sure.. i always love to share whatever i make with others, provided it's successful. ;)