October 27, 2007

Lazy wholemeal bread

Wholemeal bread has always been my favourite kind of bread..in fact the coarser the better, especially those with multi grains and seeds. :) Not that I'm a health fanatic who goes for whole grains (although is one of the reason), hehe.. I just like the texture. In fact I like all kinds of bread. Since young, I'm always asking my mum for bread, hehe. Remembered once I was biting into my bread and out my tooth came out! lol...then after that I think I cried for help or something...and then well.. forgot what happened...haha. :p Nowadays, sandwiches is one of my favourite meals, although alot of people do not like. Guys especially, think that sandwiches do not make a proper meal and can't make you full. Actually you are wrong! It is still carbo, which gives energy, and with the right fillings and amount, it can make up a healthy meal as well. :)

While shopping at Sembawang Phoon Huat, I saw this premix wholemeal bread flour. I usually don't go for premix flour for cakes or cookies but since I'm still new at bread making and baking bread is more time consuming, so lazy me thought I might as well just give this a try since it seemed so simple. I can just baked myself a loaf instead of buying one.

There were also instructions at the back on how to make this using bread machine but I used the conventional method since I do not one. Although the process seemed easy, jus add water and mix together for 15 minutes, somehow I felt the dough was still tough and sticky. So I thought probably they assumed a kneading time of 15 minutes which was always not enough for me. Thus, I knead the dough from very sticky to a smooth and elastic dough...:) I took almost 45 minutes, which I think was quite understandable since I do not have a proper work surface (but only a small chopping board which kept moving on the table) and small hands (hehe ok should admit my skills was not there).
Actually after 45 minutes, I still have not reach the stretch test yet but I gave up as I did not know whether if I should be kneading for so long. The dough was already quite elastic and soft. I divided into 3 portions, shaped it into logs and placed in a loaf pan.
........tada..45 minutes, a nice loaf was out :) I like the look of it, like those traditional loaf.

The texture was not bad. It was soft and I was able to slice it nicely this time round. :) It was not very fluffy though, it's those more compact, dense kind of wholemeal bread. It was quite bland as compared to commercial bread but would be good if spread with butter. I ate this for my breakfast for a few days, but required toasting after the 2nd day.

Worth giving it a try if you want something quick and fuss free, especially if you have a bread machine...


esther said...

So Aimei, you baked this wholemeal bread with conventional oven or bread machine?

Quite curious to know more abt bread making.


Aimei said...

Esther, I baked it with conventional oven. I do not have a bread machine. :)