October 1, 2007

Going 'Corny' again

I mentioned in my previous post that i wanted to try the 'Kenny Roger's corn muffins' which I saw from a few bloggers out there. Yeah...so here it is...:)

Hmmm..was pretty satisfied with the result. It smells really nice especially when just out of the oven. The taste was very good! I guess it all attributed to the honey, so it was quite sweet. Probably the sugar can be reduced, but not the honey, as i think it was the honey that made it so aromatic. But I don't recommend reducing the sugar, as that's the way it should be. I've actually only tried the corn muffins at Kenny Roger once so can't remember the taste. I just remembered it was real nice and i finished the whole thing, instead of the chicken and side dishes. :) So happy to have found this recipe. It can be found at Evan's Kitchen Ramblings and Sweet Decadenze. Do check out their blog as well!

However, I find the texture a bit dense. Wondering if i had over creamed it, or that's the way it is. Would be glad if anyone who had tried this recipe or will be trying to let me know how's your result ok! Anyway, i will definitely try this again.

heheh..my little nephew was rambling non stop while the muffins were baking in the oven. When it was finally done and left out to cool, he climbed onto the chair and was eyeing the muffins! I took several shots of him trying to steal a bite of the muffins but only managed to keep some good ones as he was moving too much..
He's so cute! Simply adore him! :)


Happy Homebaker said...

My boy is just like your nephew :)
Don't you feel a sense of satisfaction when you see him gobbled down the muffins? =)

Aimei said...

Yes! Really happy that he likes my bakes and asking for more. He likes to see me mixing the batter as well. Sometimes I just bent down to let him see the mixing. I think the batter might have his saliva as he kept talking non stop! LOL :)