October 7, 2007

Pandan Chiffon - Almost there..

Chiffon cakes are one of those...which i have a love-hate relationship with...haha. I love it because of the soft spongy, light texture, makes me feeling not so sinful even when i wanted to have more slices. Hate - cos' I have no one to blame but myself. Out of many attempts, I still have yet to get the perfect chiffon. At the very first trial, i still remembered that the entire cake dropped out of the pan when i overturned it to cool. *lol* As I went on to read more about beating egg whites, I managed to get the cake stuck firmly to the pan. However, when i tried to remove it, it was still moist inside and the sides shrunk.

Last week, i made my mum's favourite pandan chiffon - obtained from Pinky Fantasy when I saw how nice her chiffon looked. When it was baked, everything looked perfect. I overturned it, it looked perfect too. firm and tall. I was so excited, hoping this time it would succeed. I tried not to be impatient, cos' i usually can't wait for it to be cooled completely before unmoulding. I have no idea anyway when is it considered completely cooled. This time, I waited almost like 2-3 hours, until it no longer felt warm.

I waited..and waited..until I told my friend I'm going to unmould it finally...I scraped the sides..aha this time it looked ok, did not shrink. However, I was unable to get a very nicely browned crust. Some still got stuck to the pan. Finally...I removed the whole cake. *Disappointed* :( One side was yeah, tall and no shrinkage. However the side was! Sign...It's almost there...however failed again. Hmmm, still trying to figure out where had i gone wrong, cos' i was really careful this time. Probably I had overbeaten the egg whites? cos' i tend to have a habit of beating a few more seconds (for assurance) when i already reached the stiff peak. :P

See the picture...if you look closely, some of the sides and centre actually shrunk at the top (which was actually the bottom as i had overturned it). Taste wise, it was not too bad, though this recipe did not use any coconut milk. I managed to take a nicer photo of the unshrunk side. Haha, don't wanna see the ugly side. Hehe...Anyway, I'm determined to get it right! No matter how hard..I will definitely try again...until I get it right. Probably will need attend classes on chiffon making :)


ahkwok said...

It looks okie and tasty to me mah.. Nevermind, keep trying k, you sure can do it ~! =)

Aimei said...

Hehe thanks!

Yan said...

fret not. u are not alone in wanting to perfect chiffon cakes baking. jia you !
i will attempt next wk again (despite the flops.. =p)