October 27, 2007

Meme - I'm tagged!

I've been tagged by Anne of Simply Anne's...

Well, it's the first time and I'd just do as what the others did..:) So here it goes.....

Five Things

Found in my Room:

My wardrobe

TV (which I seldom watch in my room)

A big world map poster

3 graduation bears sitting together given by my dear friends when I graduated last year :)

My super single bed given by my brother after he moved out

I have always wanted to do:

Open a bookshop (my little fantasy when I was young)

Travel around the world

Learn how to swim one day (hehe :P)

Open a sweet bakery one day (A baking cottage although it's a dream that's seems very far, I'm now just happy to improve my skills, sharing beautiful bakes for people around me :))

To give my room a facelift (hopefully by chinese new year next year)

Found in my Bag:


Mobile phone

Make-up pouch consisting of my basics - mirror, tissue, face blotters, lip gloss, comb...)

'Precious Moment' ez-link card which I keep it separate from my wallet

Pair of glasses - I'm short-sighted but don't wear contact lenses

Found in my Wallet:

Atm card

Driving license

some photos


metro vouchers still not yet been used

I am currently into:

Baking! if not why i'm here! :)

Blogging about my bakes

Learning how to swim

Exercise whenever possible to keep fit and slim I'm getting fatter from sampling my own bakes! :)

Reading up about cooking (still not much been put into practice yet)

Candidates to tag :

I'm not tagging anyone since I'm new here and those that I know have been tagged already! :)

Thanks everyone for sharing more about yourself :P


Anne said...

glad to know you more :) i too would really like to learn how to swim...in fact my husband has been persuading me for ages but theres just little time left for me to do all those things...

Aimei said...

I see...It's not easy to set aside time especially that you have children as well. Even for me I have not even go swimming for weeks..hehe...:P